6 Ways To Reduce Pollution With Green Transportation

Transportation accounts for major impact on the environment. Out of total carbon dioxide emission, 75% of it is contributed by road transport vehicles, and this number is growing exponentially. Also, 95% of the road transportation consumes oil, which leads to around 60% consumption of the total oil in the world. All this puts the national government under strong pressure to come up with transportation solutions to reduce pollution and gasoline demands.

Reducing Environmental Pollution

However, road transportation being a prime contributor to polluting environment, steps should be taken to reduce the greenhouse gas emission and achieve a sustainable atmosphere. This corresponds to green transportation, which includes eco-friendly transportation practices that do not lay a negative impact on the environment.

  1. Reducing trips – Reducing the number of trips helps reduce the amount of fuel consumption and emissions. Freight vehicles can combine smaller loads into a single one to reduce trips.
  2. Use public transportation – Public transport vehicles carry a large number of people in a single vehicle. In addition, they are cheap and easily accessible. As public transportation is facilitated by the government, hopefully, appropriate green transportation measures must have been taken.
  3. Walk down or use bicycles – Consider walking or using a bicycle to commute nearby places like school, mall or at work. This emits no greenhouse gas and it is totally safe for the environment. Plus, it is beneficial to the health.
  4. Using Bio – Diesel and electricity to power the logistics vehicleAs logistics and supply chain vehicles also accounts for environmental pollution, using Eco – friendly fuel and electricity can be a good way to preserve the environment.
  5. Prefer multiple occupant vehicles – Rather than four people using individual vehicle while going in a same direction drive, it is more economical and environmentally-friendly to use one vehicle. As apparent from the scenario, the greenhouse gas emission can be reduced to 1/4th.
  6. Modifying aerodynamics of the vehicle – Even the structure and the body of the vehicle impacts the gas consumption. Changing the vehicle’s body for the smooth movement will consume less fuel, and thus, less emission.

Additional Benefits Of Green Transportation

Besides preserving the environment and reducing the pollution, green transportation can help obtain many more benefits. A few major benefits are:

  1. Save money – When you opt to go green, you are saving money in a number of ways. For instance, walking and cycling involves no or low maintenance cost and public vehicles are very cheaper.
  2. Live a healthier life – Walking and cycling gives a good exercise to your heart. Moreover, the reduction in pollution will reduce harmful effects on the respiratory system. On the whole, it will lead to a better and healthier lifestyle.
  3. Increase in economic development – Expanding the infrastructure of public transportation and manufacturing green vehicles will create employment opportunities that will contribute to the economic growth of the country.

Thus, green transportation involves various practices, including effective utilization of resources, adapting transportation structure and make healthier commuting choices. This demands public awareness  and active participation of the residents, manufacturing vehicles that use renewable sources of energy and avoid using vehicles that emits harmful gases.

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