8 Ways To Increase Your Truck Mileage And Save On Fuel Costs

While fuel prices are hiking up at a rapid speed, looking for fuel-efficient alternatives have become imperative. Many people trade off their large vehicles with something that utilizes less fuel. But, you run a goods carrier company, you need trucks and trailers, so trading them with other vehicles is not an option here. Therefore, increasing the truck’s fuel mileage is probably the best solution here. To do so, you just need to make some improvements and change old habits. Here are some ways to accomplish a fuel-saving goal.

  • Get your Truck Rregularly Maintained

Maintaining your transport trucks regularly can improve the mileage. Tune your vehicle by checking its tires, wheel alignment, monitoring the engine and so on. Make sure the tires are inflated to the right pressure and the wheels are aligned so you can get maximum of mileage if the wheels are rolling straight.

  • Check Aerodynamics

Roof carriages are sometimes handy, but carrying a lump of things on top rack can create a real drag, which leads to more fuel consumption. Avoid keeping things on the roof unless you really have to. Also, try installing a bed cover on your truck, which can help you with better aerodynamics.

  •  Drive Steadily on the Road

Increasing and decreasing the acceleration continuously can impact your fuel economy. Avoid applying frequent brakes and try to maintain the constant speed as well as get smoothly on the speed breakers. High speed may consume more fuel, so keep a little down.

  • Make Sure You Use the Right Kind of Fuel

Sometimes using less efficient and cheaper fuel may reduce the life of the engine and other components. The good idea is to use only what is suggested by the diesel truck manufacturer. Use fuel from a good brand that not only powers your vehicle, but also keeps the system clean.

  • Turn Off the Engine When it is Not Required

If you are stuck in a heavy traffic, turning off the engine is obviously going to save fuel. Also, avoid driving through windows with long queues. Just park the trailer truck aside and go to the window all by yourself.

  • Plan your Route and Combine your Trip

If you already know at what destinations you are supposed to halt, plan your route in such a way that all the locations can be covered through the shortest route. Avoid driving through congested and high-traffic areas.

  • Do Not Overload

Every container truck has its loading capacity. Overloading  it will definitely result into wear and tear on the engine, which will indirectly impact the mileage. Remove unwanted weight and lighten up the load to improve your fuel economy.

  • Use Air Conditioner Less Often

Air conditioning can significantly affect the truck’s mileage. So, use it only when it is too hot, other times pull down the windows. While parking the truck, try to find a space under the shed so your vehicle does not heat up after you are back.

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