Goods Transport to be Monitored Under GST

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Following a turn down in the returns under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system, the higher authorities are looking forward to push on the tax evaders. During a summit conducted in the capital on 9th of this month, the Union finance ministry asked the states to perform checks on highways to pick out the goods transport taking place without shelling out the correct tax amount as the check posts were closed with the instigation of GST.

Primarily, the country’s government has taken the decision to deal in an easygoing way with the traders till the GST system gets perfectly alleviated. But, taking into consideration the intense turn down in the profits across the nation, the officers monitoring the execution of GST or Goods and Service tax wanted all the states to plug the loopholes.

Even if Telangana had not seen much drop in its profit ratio, it has decided to carry out regular break-ins all around the state. According to statements given by state’s principal secretary, Somesh Kumar, “out of 2,850 vehicles inspected, 226 were found infringing the recently introduced taxation rules. We have gathered almost Rs 96.90 lakh in tax and the same amount for fine.”

The Centre has planned to initiate the national e-waybills in the month of January next year so that the traders can easily generate the e-waybills anywhere around the nation with the consistent charges in any state.

The TS’ e-waybill network will also be combined with the national portal. Soon after, the officials will deepen the process of checks and will also observe whether the consumption of power by the factories goes with their production records or not.

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