Have a safe journey with Trukky Insurance


What happens when a loaded truck meets an unpleasant incident resulting in loss of goods? Will the customers have to bear the loss for none of his fault? Absolutely not. At Trukky we deal in responsible trucking and hence our insurance solutions keep your belongings covered throughout the journey till they reach your doorstep. 

Understanding Trukky Insurance

Trukky provides Insurance service for the safety and security of your goods and to ensure the safe movement of the goods. To avail the insurance service is just a click away. You can easily insure your goods by contacting the customer services at the time of booking a trip. 

Is it expensive? Absolutely not! We understand that providing insurance is an essential service and hence we have kept the insurance rates very low. You can keep your goods secured by availing insurance at a low premium.

Trukky freight insurance will just be part of one of several costs, included in your shipping quote and will protect the value of the goods you wish to ship. 

How is it better?

At Trukky, our priority is to make your business journey absolutely seamless and hassle-free. In our endeavor to care for you beyond shipping, by not only just working hard to fulfil your cargo needs but also bringing your way a genuine shipping experience that stays with you for a long time. 

Our insurance services are better than what the traditional transporters offer, in many ways – 

Complete Protection For Your shipment

The safety of goods is of utmost importance while transporting the goods. Hence, we make sure that the transport service providers under Trukky’s umbrella offer Insurance Assistance features along with the transport service through the best insurance providers in the market. We provide full coverage on your goods, which will definitely help you to stay calm and rest assured that your goods are safe in transit.

Ensuring your goods with Trukky Insurance is the best way to seek personalized guarantee, enjoy the best premium rates and insurance compensation in case of goods damage or loss.

Be ready for all situations

This is the hard truth that the shipments are subject to many adverse situations and controlling them is beyond anyone’s might.. In case, loss or damage happens to your cargo, our Insurance service will provide you complete coverage, even in the case of ‘Act of God’, which many traditional transporters do not cover. As your transport and shipping partner, we know the best way to secure your shipment, whichever your destination is and whatever the nature of your goods is. 

Loaded service package 

Insurance is one of the crucial services that we at Trukky offer our clients. There are many more services in our bouquet, that will give you a feeling of being in secure hands. All the drivers in our panel are verified and experienced of making long journeys. They know their job and responsibilities too well. We provide call support, email support and online tracking of your goods, till they reach their destination safely. 

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