India’s Chemical transportation Expected to Escalate Over 19.3 Million Tons

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A number of organizations around the globe are in search of some reliable transport service options as they need the service on a daily basis. Therefore, now, transportation has turned up as the most highly demanded service sector around the world. Most of the consignments would possible not create a problem for the transport companies. There are a few types of loads or consignments that can be really dangerous for the transport of chemicals and fuel. For safe and easy transportation of chemicals and other hazardous materials, appropriate tools in combination with right safety measures are needed to be used.

The transportation of fuel is an extremely tricky task to deal with for both the transport company and the driver. This job requires just the perfect equipment together with highly experienced technicians and drivers. Some of the most hazardous materials and chemicals are transported through road transport using the cylinder tanks.  Moreover, this might prove to be really dangerous for the transport company as well as for the driver as accidents can easily take place while the transportation of hazardous chemicals and flammable contents. Therefore, it is always advised to follow proper security measures while road transportation of chemical products.

Therefore, for preventing these types of dangerous accidents from occurring, special safety measures are necessary to be followed. The truck driver must be correctly trained so that he could deal with these emergency situations, since that person is only accountable for the protection of the chemical load until it reaches the unloading point. The road transportation for some specialized consignments like fuel and chemical is a very busy industry in India as road transport is considered to be the safest way to move these hazardous contents.

Chemical Industries in India

India is considered as the world’s sixth largest chemical producing nation. Moreover, few among the major areas of chemical production in the country are Hyderabad, Mumbai, Begaluru, Nainital, Bhavnagar, Rajpur, Puri, Bikaner, Jabalipuram, Thiruvananthapuram etc.  

In the year 2014, the chemical production in the country was calculated to a total of almost 19.3 million tons. The chemical industry is estimated at near about 144 billion dollar and is expected to escalate to almost 350 billion dollar by the year 2021. The Indian Chemical industry includes more than 70,000 industrial products for the categories like Drugs & pharmaceuticals, Dyes & pigments, Inorganic & organic chemicals, Plastics & petrochemicals and Fine & specialty chemicals together with Pesticides, agrochemicals, & fertilizers.

Road transportation of chemicals in India  

Chemical manufacturing is a regular process. Most of the chemicals produced are hazardous and their production is still continued for essential industrial uses. All types of safety measures as well as utmost precautions are necessary to be followed when the chemicals are at their manufacturing stage. The next thing to be done regarding this matter is the selling of these chemicals and this procedure inevitably involves the use of safest mode of transportation like road transport. The shipping of harmful chemical products is an extremely serious matter that involves high responsibility. This is so because chemical transportation not just involves the manufacturing process but the entire area around at the time of its transportation from one location to the other within the country.

No matter what the means of transport is, the chemical transportation involves high risk of accidental dropping of material or else the release of toxics. The chemical as well the petroleum industries generate components holding different kinds of risks, ranging from explosion to serious fire conditions. These types of products are stored and moved in forms like liquid, solid and gas falling under different pressures and temperatures.

The intensity of tragedy is higher when the mode of transport is not like what it should be. So, for the extreme safety reasons, these hazardous materials are commonly moved through road transport following all the required safety measures for the complete safety of localities that fall on the way while the consignment is in transit.

Trukky’s safe chemical transportation    

Trukky is a well-established name in the on-demand transportation industry moving goods and consignments safety to the desired destinations. The company, with its extremely safe, timely and affordable transport services, has earned the trust of their clients around the country in almost every city. The team of expert drivers and technicians holds great experience of transporting hazardous products like fuel and chemicals to distant locations within the nation.

The best part about Trukky is that all the vehicles they assign for transportation of goods, speciality chemicals, are deeply scrutinized to ensure complete safety of the localities and individuals around while transportation. Now, the next concern of the chemical manufacturers after safety is the right pricing for transport service. Well, Trukky is a perfect stop for those who are in search of a perfect blend of safety and affordability for transporting their chemical products!!

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