The need to verify truck drivers and top ways to do it


For a logistics company to stay in business and become India’s top choice for transportation, it is very important to hire verified truck drivers. Having professional truck drivers onboard helps in providing a hassle-free and memorable experience to the customers.

Truck company, truck drivers and customers share a very interesting and yet crucial relationship.It is a mutual relationship where both the parties have to give in their best.

Where truck companies hire the drivers to provide end-to-end goods delivery services safely and quickly to their customers, the truck drivers, on the other hand, are dependent on the logistics companies for their livelihood.

For the customer, the truck drivers are the representatives of the company on the road. If the drivers will provide the services in the best manner, without cheating or indulging in any malpractice, the companies can win the trust of the customers. Therefore, hiring the verified and trustworthy drivers is the topmost priority for the truck companies.

Here are some steps that we follow to ensure that truck driver working with trucking company is genuine and trustworthy.

  • Clean background

Going for police verification of the truck driver is very important to ensure that he comes from a clean background. Since the job involves serving the people with best quality end-to-end services, it is very important for the truck driver to have either rich experience as a truck driver or genuine willingness to become one.

  • Education

We certainly do not expect the truck drivers to hold a diploma or degree but we prefer hiring truck drivers, who are educated and smart to understand the need of the customers and expectations of the company choosing them for the job.

  • Clean driving record

At Trukky, check for drivers background for challans and reckless driving. For us, to trust the truck driver with the freight, we have to be really confident that they can do the job perfectly without much hassle.

We have a zero tolerance policy for offenses, like driving while under the alcohol influence and ensure to not to hire drivers with any convictions for driving under the influence both for work or for personal occupancies.

  • Proper documents

It is very important for the truck driver to provide us the required set of documents, including proof of address, Aadhar card, driving license etc.

Having a commercial driving license is absolutely required. Moreover, specialty licenses are required for those truck drivers, who can handle hazardous materials.

Empathy towards truck drivers


There is no doubt about the fact that truck drivers are the most critical players and the backbone of the trucking industry.

The role of truck drivers is challenging due to unpredictable nature and schedule of the job, staying away for long durations at a stretch from the family members, job insecurity, poor maintenance of Indian roads and problems of health and safety.

Due to these challenges, there is no surprise that the shortage of drivers is growing day by day in the country.

At Trukky, we are committed to provide the best working conditions to our truck drivers and empower them with the best of technology solutions in the industry. The drive to verify and hire truck drivers is incumbent for the industry.

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