How Trukky is Redefining Online Truck Booking in India

E-trucking is the future of truck booking in the transport sector as it ensures low cost and complete security.

Rajat Gupta shifted his base to Mumbai and wanted to transport his Materials from Delhi to Mumbai. He contacted an agent who gave him a quote for the job. As he okayed the amount, the arranged a pickup for his car and gave him a slip. He did not know which truck or operator the agent has employed. Gupta waited for weeks for his car to reach and only after repeated follow up, he received it. To his shock, he found out that the fuel tank which he incidentally left full, had drained out. The experience, indeed, was not very good for him despite shelling out a huge amount.

Such is the Indian transport scenario that taking any material from Mumbai to London or Dubai is easy and economical as compared to taking it to Delhi. This is surprising but true. What is plaguing the transportation sector in India is the escalating cost and lack of security.

So what exactly is pushing up the cost? There are several factors that push up the cost, such as bad roads, traffic, and regulatory issues. However, there is another important factor without which bringing down the cost may not be possible. This factor is the usage of technology.

Technological interventions, such as E-trucking, can help in bringing down the higher cost of road transportation by removing the inefficiencies in the working business-model of the sector.

Till about a few years back, Information Technology was not the part of the day-to-day operations of the transportation industry. While other sectors marched ahead by implementing technology in their day-to-day activities, the transportation sector did not bother itself to grow beyond the traditional system of working.

But now the times are changing dramatically. With a lot of transporters using smartphones, the future for online truck booking has arrived. It is now long and is turning out to be smooth. E-trucking businesses like Trukky are now in the market that are pushing an expeditious growth in the transport sector.

Our E-trucking platform allows the truck owners and customers to connect with each other without any middleman. As they hire the truck, they can monitor it online and with the help of navigation get the suggestion of the shortest and fastest route. We are redefining the way India books its trucks by bringing down cost by using low-maintenance fleet, providing better access and improved connectivity. Here we are telling you in brief how we are managing to do this –

Web and mobile solutions for customers, transporters and fleet owners

As the website and app booking has changed the way hotels and taxi companies operated, the same is the case with the transportation sector. It makes a significant impact on demand and supply as it can easily aggregate the trucks and loads supply and ensure that the price quoted for the shipment is the most effective.

Easy in finding back-haul loads

The cost of transportation grows when the truck or trailer has to come back from the drop destination empty. When the truck is GPS-enabled, its location can be easily tracked and through an online and app-based system, trucks can easily find loads for their route. We have such an efficient E-trucking system where it is easy for the customers to book a truck and also the fleet owners to find loads for their trucks on their return trip.


Importance of E Trucking

Automated tracking system

Unlike Rajat Gupta who was not aware of the whereabouts of his car for a long time, the consumer and the transporters get the real-time tracking of his trucks. Accurate and real-time information keeps flowing on our user interface.

A customer can simply enter his detail and requirements and he will be able to know the price that the fleet owners are quoting for their load. Where the fleet owners enjoy the benefit of seeing the available loads on the screen and how much they can charge the transporter, the latter on the other hand not only gets the best price but is also aware of his parcel’s status every minute.


Our objective is to bring transparency in the transportation sector through E-trucking by helping the industry meet its logistics demand. We are bridging the various gaps between the various participants in the sector. We want to provide cost-effective service with a great sense of security in order to build a transparent, safe and organized trucking sector. By saving several bucks and reducing the carbon emissions, we are one step ahead to achieve our goals every day.

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