Rising Number of Technology driven Logistic and Transport Companies

With the increasing number of internet and mobile users in India, dotcom companies are once again on rise. This technology driven e-commerce start-ups are rapidly growing into various sectors like education, fashion retail, food delivery, transport, logistics, etc.

Logistics and transport are the most unorganized sectors in India. Because of the unorganized nature, the cost of transport and logistics is very high. Many start-ups have taken this challenge to get these sectors into proper shape.  These start-ups allow the users to book cabs, autos, trucks and tempos via website as well as applications.

In the last couple of years, many start-ups have brought in ideas, which have brought success to them as they have managed to bring the fares down.  These start-ups are plying their services inter-city as well as intra-city. Along with the reduced fares, they also provide various unique features which directly or indirectly benefit the users in express cargo transporting within city or from one city to another.

Cab Market

Various cab booking start-ups have come up on an aggregator model, where the company does not own any asset (cabs), but serves as a platform where customers can book cabs and these bookings are then passed on to the registered cab operators against some commission.

These companies are offering a better experience to its customers by the use of GPS, mobile application and various cash back offers. Their services include intra-city movement, inter-city movement and one-sided movement.

Truck Market

Similar to the cab booking start-ups, truck booking start-ups also work on the aggregator model, where commission agents, brokers as well as driver cum owners are registered with these companies. These companies work on business to business model as well as business to customer model. The full load vehicle variants available are tempos and loading Lorries for intra-city bookings and eichers, trucks and trailers for inter-city bookings.

With features like SaaS for business to business customers and tracking, mobile application and cash back facilities for all customers, Trukky has had a unique standing amongst these start-ups. It also provides part load service, with different service variants like door to door (express & economy), warehouse to warehouse (express & economy), warehouse to door and door to warehouse.

For more information call Trukky on 72278 72278 or visit trukky.com

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