The Importance of Online Truck Booking (Known as E-Trucking)

Importance of E Trucking

E-trucking is taking the logistics industry by the storm. Logistics deals with the storage and movement of material from one place to another to make it available wherever it is required at the time. And e-trucking deals with the online solutions for the movement of goods.

E-trucking has innumerable benefits which are enjoyed by the users, both the customers as well as the service provider. To understand the benefits, we must know about the process taking place during the placement of the order and also after it.

  • First of all, an inquiry is made by the interested customer through the app or the website.
  • Secondly, The order is booked on the basis of availability of vehicles.
  • The third step takes care of the dispatch of the required vehicle.
  • The fourth step includes the tracking of the dispatched goods.
  • Fifth and the final step mean the analyzing of the transaction that just took place.

Thus, the importance of e-trucking can be summarized in the following points

    1. Reduced time consumption- First and foremost benefit of e-trucking is the reduced time of the whole operation for the customer. There is no need to look for a transport service and physically visit them to place your order.
    2. Reduced cost- Because of the reason fewer people (say middlemen) are involved in the operation, thus, it results in less cost to the customer. Also, the people actually involved know the works, so there is less wastage, as a result, less cost.
    3. Ease of access- Being powered by the internet, e-trucking or online transportation service is very easy to access, anytime and from anywhere. It is literally at your fingertips. Any person can avail the logistics service online cost-effectively irrespective of the fact whether they are from the industry or not.
    4. Part-load service- The availability of a part-load option for online parcel service have made E-trucking a profitable option, as the shipper does not have to pay for the whole vehicle single-handedly.
  • Efficient operation- Owing to the technology involved in the whole process of the Door to door parcel service the whole operation is much more efficient than if done by the traditional methods. There is no more the possibility of error and even less possibility of missing information. All these things also result in generating the receipts for bill timely. Thus, efficient operation is also a by-product of online truck booking.
  • Less effort- The usage of online truck rental results in fewer efforts on the part of the logistics company in liasoning with the different parties involved in the process individually. All these parties get the automatic intimation as the order is placed.
  • Tracking of goods possible- One miraculous benefit of e-trucking lies in the fact that the tracking of the cargo is possible for the customer as well as a service provider.
  • More routes/port connectivity- Because of e-trucking, more routes are accessible for transportation.
  • Live pricing- Live pricing is the recent feature of e-trucking which means that the customer gets the instant price for the truck booked, which means better pricing pertaining to the vehicles to be used. This feature can be found on Trukky app, a pioneer in providing live pricing, which makes the decision easier. Not only this, the order request can also be canceled if the need arises.

E-trucking is the new concept that makes the delivery of goods easier thereby maintaining the quality of the supply chain and helps minimize the wastage too by bringing in efficiency.  Additionally, the service is very much helpful in the ever-changing business environment.

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