The Invisible bond between Love & Logistics

Wired, is it?

Love and Logistics both starts with the letter ‘L” but that’s not we are talking about. It’s the Visible bond. Is it too difficult?
Close your eyes and give it a quick thought, what images does logistics bring – Truck, Driver, “Horn ok Please”, cargo, Highway etc and what image does Love brings – “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge”, and yet nothing in common. Let’s take a deep dive and unwind the “Invisible bond”

Delivering Logistics with Love!!!

Don’t get taken by the heading, we are not there yet. But Delivering logistics with love is definitely the need of the hour to improve experience and build client retention. 

Transportation is one of the common form of Logistics and it involves movement of cargo from one place to another via road, sea and air. Transportation Road logistics has the largest share and is highly fragmented because of long value steam i.e. Client, Transporter, Broker, truck owner & truck driver involved in single shipment & 70% of the truck bookings are from the unorganised operators and needs a lot of coordination for timely delivery.

Whereas Love is sublime/complicated (How you take it) and usually involves two people and demands genuine respect, empathy and trust, driven by seamless communication which is an essential part of any healthy lasting relationship through the ups and down. 

The invisible bond

Now that you are here, you would understand that communication and trust are important elements in both logistics and love. 

In today’s business scenario where logistics is one of the competitive advantages for business to stay ahead in the game efficiency in logistics play an important role and lot depends on transparency between on the stake holders right from RFQ, Dispatch & Safe Transit.

The communications between the stakeholders are critical during the shipment transit where both consignor & consignee needs regular updates on the shipments location and are always concerned about it as the locations are shared by the driver on phone to the transporter and the transporter shares it with the client 2-3 times in a day making it a very tedious and unverified process.

Similarly in today’s ever changing and evolving lifestyles and societal changes, relationships are more challenging with frequent cycles of ups & downs. As partners & team, one must be able to express their feelings in the right context of mind and listen to each other with empathy in order to understand each other’s state of mind without any prejudice.

Both love and logistics require good communication, visibility & Transparency to keep the stakeholders engage actively and with long term Goals. 

So to summarize it all “Visibility & Transparency” is the invisible bond between Love & Logistics, and needs to be evaluated and tracked in its own way throughout the course of engagement.

How Technology can improve visibility and transparency.

Love being intangible, its best to take counselling & guidance from the right experts like  through various techniques like NLP, Art therapy, communication etc. 

Logistics is a process of planning, directing and controlling the movement of goods between two points. 

Now smart digital platforms like Trukky allows you to have complete visibility of your shipment using data & AI without the need of any fixed GPS, mobile app or internet. Trukky can directly improve the visibility of the shipment and transparency between all the stakeholders and reduces the levels of communication required to track the shipment with ease with verified location data from government and cellular network mapped on a user-friendly interface.

To know more about how you can get better control of your shipment in transit visit or is the India’s first portal that allows a customer to book a truck online. is a Logistics aggregator offering On-demand Transportation solutions to a cater to goods movement in both Full load & Part load segment. We aim to deliver quality service at competitive price and back every shipment with technology & outstanding customer support service. Trukky offers a single stop solution for Pan India deliveries to customers. We at Trukky try to support our customers for their customized requirements which are not feasible for a local transporter. Direct connection with the Drivers and Fleetowners allows eradicating the Brokers / Transporters margin and hence reducing the expenses / cost for the customer. Large network of Drivers / Fleet owners from across the country allows Trukky to act as one stop solution for PAN India needs. With 5,000+ supply attached in the system, Trukky services clients/customers from various industries like Paper & Pulp, FMCG, Cement, Agricultural products, Ecommerce, FMCD,and Chemical.