Track your goods online easily


Worried if your good’s safety during transit? Well, not anymore!

Nita Desai, a mother of two has to shift her house belongings to Pune where her husband is transferred. She has contacted a dozen of movers and packers but she is not getting enough confidence in using their services.

Why? Because she doesn’t know if her stuff will reach the destination safely and securely.  All she needs is a transportation company that keeps her updated about the exact location of her belongings in real-time.

So what is the best solution for her?

Trukky – One of India’s leading trucking services, thoughtfully curated with personalized solutions for customers like Mrs. Desai. When you are able to send over your invaluable treasures across the country, you shall definitely be seeking to hire services from a company that aims to offer safe and secure movement of your possessions.   

At Trukky, we ascertain the best logistic and reliable solution to the customers searching for absolutely secure and fastidious freight delivery with just a click of a button. Just enter the pick-up and drop location and your goods will be entirely our responsibility afterward. Your goods will be reaching the destination on time and you’ll be able to track them, all along the way as well. Isn’t it the most convenient and trustworthy way of transferring your goods anywhere in the country you want? 

How to track in just 2 Steps


Login to your Trukky Dashboard through or OTP (one-time-password) sent on your registered mobile number.  


Click on the tab “tracking”. Your current booking with Booking ID and Order status will become visible. Check the immediate last location of your shipment. 

To make the shipping journey transparent and reliable, daily system generated message updates are also sent on your registered mobile number. Succeeding in every booking, the vehicle and driver details are mandatorily shared with the customers, always 2 hours before the pick-up. One can also contact the driver in case the need arises. 

We are unmatched in our expertise in providing swift, fuss-free, cost-effective, reliable, and on-time delivery of goods across various locations all over India. 

Benefits of tracking

  1. Real-time updates

Tracking and tracing systems enable you to view the precise whereabouts of your goods in real-time, round-the-clock from anywhere.  

In the contemporary world, we all are so accustomed to keeping a track of the delivery cycle trajectory of our everyday e-commerce merchandise like grocery or apparel. In today’s time, even if we order a small item online we are informed from dispatch to delivery of that product. This whole process of live updates about the ordered merchandise is making our lives so easy and hassle-free. 

With Trukky, you can keep real-time tabs on your shipment with our online shipment tracking anytime, anywhere. 

  1. Effortless monitoring

The advanced technology of our GPS tracking systems provides an all-in-one solution for shipment tracking. The tool renders actual-time data which can be easily accessed via SMS or any web browser. As a result, you are constantly updated with the precise location of the vehicle with a live GPS tracking system facility. The real-time tracking of the shipment carrying vehicle can be done 24X7 at any hour through the web or mobile app.   

  1. Safety and Security

A vehicle tracking system ensures the reliability of the safe and secure movement of your goods. The real-time status of the shipment is tracked and updated in the system. Hence, you get up to the minute information about your goods in transit. 

  1. Instant alerts

After your shipment is tracked down and traced, the latest update is automatically sent through SMS alerts and emails. 

  1. Prompt customer service

From each booking to delivery, we will intimate and update you about the shipment during the transit process of your goods until they reach their final destination.

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