How Transport Companies Deliver The Goods?

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There are several efficient transport companies delivering the goods on time with the help of their fleet, and experienced drivers. Transporting goods is quite a process and there are various means of transporting goods to the doorstep of the client. Such companies are hired usually to deliver huge amount of goods to the client’s place in case it is a business consignment. If it is a personal assignment, which also happens, it is generally a courier service. A huge amount of truckloads are delivered all across the nation by reputed transport companies in stipulated time frame. Some even deliver internationally.

The Complicated Process


The goods are mostly delivered using trucks, vans and sometimes by motorcycles by road when it is inside the nation. In fact, transporting goods not just involves vehicles and drivers but also warehouses from where the goods are collected, people managing them and other resources too thus making it complicated. Cargo and freight transport are also done when the service is provided outside the nation. In logistics, the service provider must handle inventory, shipping, packaging, warehousing and security of the shipments as well.

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For bulk consignments, the manufacturer often has to contact a broker to get hold of a transport service provider. That company or the individual acts as the middleman who establishes a connection between the goods supplier and the transport provider. For this kind of service, they receive a certain amount as commission which means the supplier has to use more money to see the process completed. Some of the brokers even handle import and export of goods that are well connected with the customs and government agencies of various countries.

These brokers make the process even more complicated because the manufacturer or the goods supplier loses control over the goods once they have forwarded it to the broker. The inherent risk in this process is that the goods can get damaged in the process causing loss to both the supplier and the customer tarnishing the reputation of the supplier. In many countries, this broking system is unregulated where the rates are arbitrary and the companies contacted by brokers may not work with responsible people. This doubles the risk of contacting brokers in the business.

How the Face of Transport has Changed Internet of Things

With the advent of IoT or Internet of Things, the transportation of goods has become easy and safe. The companies that have opted for internet integrated services are providing more efficient services in quicker time to their clients. It has also helped them to cut down on the cost of transporting goods. Operators and drivers are getting connected through the internet which is making the system more transparent and also reducing the need of contacting brokers or middlemen. The transport companies are using the internet to gain insights into:

  • Asset utilization
  • Traffic flow
  • Safety measures
  • Increased fleet productivity

Currently, organizations like Trukky have come up online truck booking system which has made delivering huge consignments delivery flawless destination. In an endeavor to improve operational efficiency the organization is using mobile devices and GPS mechanism to track the route, delivery time and offloading. The ports are also using the same to avoid traffic congestion. Managing assets have become easier with the Internet of Things taken up by Trukky. They keep gathering data on speed, brake, acceleration, fuel, temperature on a real-time basis so that efficiency can be improved in these areas.

High-value assets require maintenance which in turn is a costly affair for the transport companies. Using the IoT for predictive maintenance can save money. They can be informed when maintenance is required and schedule it properly to avoid disruption. IoT can be optimized with the help of mobile devices and cloud computing using sensor techniques. Booking a truck, for full/part load has become easy, less time-consuming and flawless as well. Getting access to experienced drivers is easier than before because you can use mobile devices to connect to them.

Trukky is a one stop solution for online transport service because it provides quick fleet solutions, mobile booking, tracking orders facility and delivering goods at doorstep through part load service. For the companies it works like a well-oiled machine and for the drivers it provides work opportunities. Thus, Trukky not only saves money for clients but also makes money for the drivers. The fastest truck booking service with pitch perfect system supported by the Internet and a whole new approach to providing transport service in India- Trukky.

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