Why Brokers in Transport Industry Turn-up to be Evil for Customers??

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In the present day business world, there are several factors that are greatly affecting the goods transport industry. We have gone through a number of these in the past. We are all perfectly familiar with the understandable apprehensions and things like increasing maintenance costs, fluctuating fuel costs, disorderly weather conditions, ever-changing rules & regulations together with the industry competition.  

Some of these we realize, might not like them, but we can understand them. They are the essential factors that one has to deal with, and all the businesses, in spite of the thing that what sector they carry out their business in, have to cope-up with the same factors.

Larger organizations find it simpler to soak up some of these expenses. It is not as simple for the smaller businesses. But this is a fact that apart from the dimensions, cost is passed onto the user. But, there is a problem in the goods transport world that has been debated, the cargo brokers. What these brokers actually do to the transport industry in general and how their dealings affect not only your organization but every person.

Sooner than we get into the discussion about why a lot of people consider the brokers to be evil…..let’s get informed about what these brokers actually are, what exactly they do and what they are supposed to do…..  

Who are the cargo brokers and why do organizations use them? 

A cargo broker is either an individual or a group of people who work primarily as a connection between the transport companies and service providers. These people are actually a part of the cause that these other rates have gone really high.

Overloaded vehicles with multiple loads: In order to earn high profits, these brokers overload the vehicles and really don’t care about the goods that might get badly damaged because of this overload. Moreover, the worst part is that these people agree to transport the delicate goods carefully in dedicated full truck load but what they actually do is opposite. These people with the intention earning more carry the full truck load goods in part load and eventually the goods get damaged.

Service Quality and support issue: the biggest flaw with the brokers is that they put forward the customers with poor service quality with no security and customer support system. While transporting goods from place to the other, the major concern of all the clients is the safety of consignment and necessary client support system whenever required. The brokers never provide any kind of security assurance for goods and least bothered about the problems that customers might come across.

Damage of goods/consignment: The way these brokers transport the goods and consignments is very unorganized, risky with no safety and support. So, if you are also planning to send your goods through some local transporter, then be ready to face these problems or switch to a trusted option for the transport service.      

Trukky’s safe, insured, dedicated and on-time deliveries!!

Trukky is an on-demand transport service providing group that endows the customers with best managed goods transport through their full truck load and part load/parcel service categories. The experts here make sure that all the deliveries and managed to be shipped on-time. The best part about Trukky is that here, the need for “broker” is completely excluded. Moreover, the company is serving up with safe, affordable and insured transport services.

Yes, you heard it right……..

Trukky is actually offering insurance support to their clients in order to keep them away from any loses that might come up due to accidental damage of goods.

At Trukky, all the drivers are verified and the best part is that customers can track the cargo at any hour through web or app as the company has put forward the facility of vehicle tracking.     

So, get started with your goods transport with Trukky and let your consignments reach the right place safely and on-time!! 


Trukky.com is the India’s first portal that allows a customer to book a truck online. Trukky.com is a Logistics aggregator offering On-demand Transportation solutions to a cater to goods movement in both Full load & Part load segment. We aim to deliver quality service at competitive price and back every shipment with technology & outstanding customer support service. Trukky offers a single stop solution for Pan India deliveries to customers. We at Trukky try to support our customers for their customized requirements which are not feasible for a local transporter. Direct connection with the Drivers and Fleetowners allows eradicating the Brokers / Transporters margin and hence reducing the expenses / cost for the customer. Large network of Drivers / Fleet owners from across the country allows Trukky to act as one stop solution for PAN India needs. With 5,000+ supply attached in the system, Trukky services clients/customers from various industries like Paper & Pulp, FMCG, Cement, Agricultural products, Ecommerce, FMCD,and Chemical.