7 Effects Of Technology in Transportation Services

We all have heard about the major online portals regarding clothes, home décor, interior solutions, health, education etc. However, very less people aware of transportation services online.

The online transportation services has been a recent addition to the world of e-commerce and its fast growth has been a talk of the nation. When we talk about transportation services the first sentence that strikes our mind is, ‘movement of goods and people from one place to another.’ Leaving the movement of people aside, when we focus only on the movement of goods, all we can think of is a truck.

With the increase in the business sector, a truck has become the necessity of every business. It not only makes sure that your existing business makes the profit, but also opens the door of expansion. A cherry on the cake would be to book a truck at a click of a button through online goods transport services.

Yes. You heard it right. Now, no more calling the truck driver a hundred times, or sending the goods to the truck company. Here is how, an online truck booking is beneficial for you and your business:


A major part of the country, shops for clothes online and are aware of the tracking feature that enables them to know exactly where their product is, and when it will reach them.

Following the same path, online transport booking services lets you book a truck for your goods and enables you to manage and track your order until it reaches the destination.

With this feature you can know the truck driver’s details, along with the place where your goods are currently and the path that would be followed to deliver your goods to its destination.

This feature is a boon to you as you can be very sure of where your goods are and how much time, will it take for them to reach their destination.


Most of the offline transport companies do not offer door to door services i.e. they ask you to send the goods to their office and then asks you to pick up those goods from their office when they have reached their destination.

Contrary to this, the online transportation companies do not only pick up your goods from your house or office, but also deliver the same to your mentioned destination, be it your house or office.

So it’s, time to say no to difficult paths and step into the online transportation sector, where you get all that you and your business deserves.


The offline transportation services, as we all know accepts only the full load capacity of goods. Even if you want to transport the part load capacity of goods, they ask you to book a whole truck and pay for the same.

Well, it’s time to say no to that too.

With the online transportation services, you can send either the full load or the part load capacity of goods. You can book the full truck or not. It entirely depends on you.

Now, is that not what a consumer-friendly thing looks like?


Freight booking, as we all know is a concept wherein, all the responsibilities regarding the shipment are given to the transport company.

Freight booking is usually done for the export of goods and it includes; tracking inland transportation, preparation of shipping and export documents, booking cargo space, warehousing, freight consolidation, cargo insurance and filing of insurance claims. In other words, it is an all in one booking.

There are very less trusted offline transportation companies, that offer freight booking, and those who are, charge a lot for the same. With the emergence of the online transportation sector, online freight booking has become an easy and doable concept as it offers more at a cheap rate comparatively.

Thus, the online transportation sector opens doors for all the businesses that have the capability to grow and expand their business in the world.


As mentioned earlier, the online transportation companies also offer to transport the part load capacity of goods, for which there is no need to book a whole truck.

The customers that wish to transport the part load capacity of goods are not charged for the whole truck, but only for the capacity of goods, they are transporting.

The transportation company, thus, accepts a part load from a number of customers, and fills it in a single truck and then those goods are transported to different places.

Had the concept of the part load not introduced, each customer would have to book an entire truck, which means more vehicles on road leading to more pollution.

Thus, the online transportation companies do not only help their customers or themselves but play an active role in making the world a pollution free place to live in. They abide by the principle that this world is not a gift by our ancestors, but a loan by our children.


The concept of FDI i.e. foreign direct investment has become very popular. In the words of Wikipedia, “A foreign direct investment (FDI) is an investment in the form of a controlling ownership in a business in one country by an entity based in another country.”

In simpler terms, a company based in one country makes an investment in a business of another country and exercises a full or part control over it.

As a result of the foreign direct investment, the business of the home country expands, and there comes the role of the transportation sector. The online transportation companies do not only promise to safely deliver the goods at your doorstep, but also provide you with various deals and offers, regarding the same.


Insurance, as known, is a means of protection from financial loss. Thus, insurance of goods being transported is very essential.

The online transportation companies offer full insurance to your goods in case of any mishap that might occur on their way to their destination.

They don’t only offer full recovery in case of any mishap but also do everything in their power to stop anything that might damage or destroy the goods being transported.

All these factors make the online transportation sector a leading and growing one.

It is safe, it is easy and it definitely is worth a try.


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