How to save money using part truckload services

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If you are planning to move to any part of India and you don’t have too much luggage, get ready to save a lot of money! 

Yes, with India’s leading truck service, you get the choice of part load service. Trukky operates in the way that your consignment, no matter if it is large or small in size, will easily share space on a truck carrying other consignments and reach its destination. This is the smartest way to save money by opting for part truckload services in India.

Save money through affordable part load truck services in India

Part load transits are actually shared truck loads. This system works the same way one shares a ride with a fellow passenger. When you don’t have a consignment that requires a full truck, why should you have to pay for a full truck?  

At Trukky, we always put our customers first and thus their comfort and interests are paramount for us. Keeping our customers in mind, Trukky is one of India’s choicest transport services that offer part truckload services. It is the most cost-effective way to ship your consignment from one place to another at a price that suits your pocket. 

How does it work? 

Here are the three steps in which part load truck service works – 

Assessment and packing 

The first step for you to book part truckload services in India is to consider what all actually is worth moving and in which part of India. You need to reason and justify each item by its size and value. Here are some tips that you may like to follow – 

  1. If the consignment is small, robust and expensive to replace, then consider it for part load booking. But your consignment is big but fragile and affordable to replace, then maybe you should consider it again. 
  2. If the goods in your consignment can be dismantled, we recommend you to dismantle them as much as you can to save space. Volume is the biggest factor that affects the cost the most on a part load transport in India. Therefore, removing feet and arms in case of furniture, dismantling racks, and reducing the size as much as possible is recommended. 
  3. Always prefer boxes to pack things up. Boxes not only stack up well, but also take space in an organized way and therefore limit damages and loss. However, it is advisable to not put more than 20 kgs in weight otherwise the box will be difficult to manage and may fall apart due to its own weight. Also, make sure to avoid bulky boxes in order to reduce volume and costs.  
  4. Don’t forget to label your box. Since your consignment will be on a truck and will share space with other consignments, it is wise to label them. Although we take care of all goods through proper labeling and keeping track of inventory, it is still advisable to label everything through stickers or markers. 


You don’t have to go anywhere to make inquiries or compare the quotes, offers a smart and intuitive interface that helps you generate the most cost-effective quote for your part-load service request within seconds. 

All you need to do is to log in to the Trukky website and enter some of the basic details about the part-load requirements and your delivery destination in India. Within 30 seconds, you will get an instant online quotation with you for your inquiry about part load transport in India. This is a free service and there is no obligation. 

Loading and delivery 

Your consignment will be collected and taken to our warehouse. There, all the consignments are held and stored securely till all the part loads consignment for a particular destination have been gathered. Then, the part load truck gets loaded safely and runs towards its destination in India to make the deliveries. 

In some cases, your consignment may be first delivered to a warehouse in your destination city and then smaller delivery vehicles will make the final delivery of your consignment. Part load service may take a little while more in making the delivery at your door, but the whole process may be cheaper than booking a whole truck for yourself.

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