Making a shift? Move easily via load sharing


Don’t need a full truck, don’t get forced to hire one either!

Sumitra Bhargava has just retired from a government job in Pune and wants to shift with her son in Bangalore. She is having sleepless nights as she thinks that shifting is stressful and expensive. She is worried that she would have to hire a truck to shift her things, which is too expensive for her as she doesn’t need it entirely. So what is the best solution for her?

Trukky, India’s one of the leading trucking services, provides tailor-made and customized solutions for customers like Mrs Bhargava. When you have to make a small move across the country, you’ll certainly be looking forward to paying a small cost. 

Trukky offers the best logistic and economic solution to the customers looking for moving part load. Just rent a space on a large truck moving towards the direction of your destination. Your goods will be sharing the space in the truck and you’ll be sharing the transportation cost. Isn’t it the cheapest and most efficient way to transport your goods anywhere in the country you want?

Why to hire Trukky load sharing services

  • The irresistible benefits

The most obvious benefit of sharing the load on a moving truck is that it saves your money. By using a truck for load share, you’re not paying a huge sum you would have paid for hiring the full truck. Rather than bearing the whole cost yourself, the cost of hiring the car is split among several people. This also helps in the complete utilization of one vehicle since many consumers are using it at the same time.

Another great advantage of sharing a truck with part load is that it is good for the environment as it helps in unclogging the road. Imagine the scenario where everybody has to hire a full truck even when they don’t need it and thus alleviate traffic on the road. Sharing a vehicle helps in taking the vehicles off the road and thus plays a remarkable role in cutting back carbon emissions.

  • Easy and quick calculation

If you have already started to do some mental maths calculating how much the difference between hiring the full load truck and part load truck is, then leave the hard work for us! 

The Trukky website has smart calculators that instantly tell you how much exactly you will save by opting for sharing your load on a moving truck. The online price calculations make the job absolutely easy and instant. 

  • Shipping a wide range of materials

Trukky accepts a wide range of goods for part load services, such as sofa, box, washing machine, fridge, and any other household material ranging from 10 kg to 2 tons.

  • Online tracking, the best safety 

The highlight of using an online truck service is that you get to track your shipment online 24/7. Our part load service offers proper supervision of their consignments. Other than moving the shipments, you also get to avail the other services, such as handling the material and warehousing. We have service providers who can undertake the storage and further distribution of the resources from its source to destination. 

You should rest assured about the safety of your goods as the transport companies that provide the service are proficient in handling all kinds of goods. These professionals have expertise in performing the finest part load and logistics services for your transportation requirements. There is planned coordination for all the shipments so that there are no hassles in picking up and delivering the shipments on time. 

  • Safe online payment method 

With Trukky, you should never worry about the mode of payment as we offer a safe and secure online payment gateway to our customers. You can pay through debit and credit cards on our portal. We never store any of your crucial details without your consent. We never deal with the exchange of sensitive information from our clients.

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