Brief about the struggle Indian Truck Drivers Undergo

Driver Struggle for transport

Transport is said to be the support system as well as the lifeline of our financial system. In our country, maybe transport is the leading industry but simultaneously it is the most inexpert and badly organized trade. The dares are never-ending condition for this industry.  

The greatest challenge that the transporters have to look forward to is that the young people in the transport industry do not prefer joining this industry. The truck drivers are also stepping away as for the need of stable income, safety and comfort.    

The truck drivers have also undergone numerous crucial issues while transporting goods to different locations around the country. In a few cases, the robbers even grabbed the lorry from drivers and the exact location of the vehicle is not identified till now. In the recent times, various transporters and truck drivers have reported issues faced while moving the consignments around the country.

The problems are innumerable, and various initiatives have been taken in recent times to improve the situation. Mentioned below are the issues that are mostly faced by the Truck drivers while moving goods to different locations around the country.

Zero Vehicle Maintenance   

The major issue of truck drivers in our country is the wretched condition of vehicles they need to drive. Most of the transporters have a very temporary vision and thus look to acquire all the money out of what they have actually invested in it. Therefore, vehicles remain in service for a much longer duration and the comfort of a truck driver is always uncared for. In the pursuit to move maximum cargo with lowest costs, the owners hardly care about the condition of the vehicle.

Truck Transporter

The terrific condition of Roads

Our country holds a network of more than 90,000 kms of the National Highways. But this count hardly spells out the bigger image and the actual condition that they are going through. With badly kept roads, inferior conditions of highways, it has turned necessary for the National Highway Authority of India to stand up for the renovation of its maintenance work. Actually, the interiors of the nation have highways network that could never be stated as ‘easy to drive on’. These worsened roads not just delay the transportation, but these are also the cause of vehicle breakdowns in some conditions. Moreover, these things have turned it harder for the truck drivers manage their work with basic ease & comfort.

Other issues that the truck drivers undergo  

There is barely anything that does not engage transportation to arrive at the customer’s door-step. The food, clothes and many other goods are being moved through the trucks and other vehicles. This is the reason for which Truck drivers play an important part in the transport industry. The truck drivers drive for days just to make sure that the goods reach customers in the given duration.

Now, the major issue is that these hard working people literally live a wretched life away from their families. These people do not have a fixed schedule to take rest or have food and basically, the truck is their home. Occasionally, they need taking risk to continue driving trucks together with facing mechanical issues all the time. These people generally have the mind-set to close a load and then get started with mending the vehicle.

The other problem is faced because of the police as these officials also take benefit of dejected condition of the drivers by charging them for no reason. The truck drivers also come across various health problems. The truck drivers generally drive at night time and to keep themselves alert and awake while driving, they develop the habit of chewing tobacco and pay no attention to what harm are they doing to their health.  

Mostly of these people are not educated. Therefore, they also undergo financial issues and many other related problems as these people never get paid on a monthly basis and receive the payments for every trip they complete. They work according to the traditional rules of cost assessment to put their costs below the pricing of the competitors in industry. Basically, all the above mentions issues drag them towards huge losses of both health and money.  

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