The Indian Monsoon: The Safety Measures to Ponder While Goods Transportation


The monsoon in India has already showed up and we at Trukky would insist on you to undertake the necessary precautionary actions while loading your consignment at our storage point. With the commencement of monsoon all over the nation, it gets highly essential that indispensable safety measures should be taken while goods transportation in order to keep away the material from getting wet or damaged.  

Additionally, to protect the existing cargo, wet or damaged material might not be allowed inside the storehouse. Besides, while the packaging of damaged or wet items is being fixed or replaced, the goods deliveries might get postponed for some extra days bringing up unnecessary difficulties.

Below, we have mentioned some of the preventative measures for your much-required action that will definitely assist to keep away from last minute stuffing holdup


The cargo requires to be properly carted within the shed premises. This will actually lend a hand in putting off your load being open to rainwater.

Pallet sterilization   

All the cases and pallets that are made out of wood are required to be sterilized as this will avert the molds, dampness & moisture on the boxes.


The goods require to be shrink-wrapped perfectly as this will assist in preventing your cargoes from getting damp and wet.

Packing Material

The material for packaging of goods is required to be used to hold out the rainy distances. Therefore, make sure that some outer and interior coverage for the boxes should be appropriate & tough to shun the damage because of rainwater leakage.

Keeping the cargo safe

Monsoon is the critical concern for a transport company. We work with great technicalities and facilities but it doesn’t matter if some Natural calamities show up. Rain can actually bring up a rapid and major effect on the transportation of goods. This situation might also make the deliveries get late and sometimes even damaged.

The materials such as Fertilizers, Dangerous goods, Grains, Cement, Coal, Agriculture, Metal, Ferrous Ore, Metals, Minerals, Chemicals etc. are expected to get highly affected by the monsoons. Therefore, you need to keep yourself well-informed about the safety measures that you could take and also about how Trukky can assist in managing the situation perfectly. Trukky clearly understands the dilemma that the customers might come across while moving their goods through truck transport in the monsoon season. Therefore, we are taking an initiative to be the much-required support for the clients by offering insurance assistance. At first, we make sure that your that our goods carriers are tightly and completely covered to keep the load away from getting wet or damaged, but this technique will work its way perfectly only if the goods are suitably packed and covered by the customer before loading it on the vehicle. Secondly, if still, the goods get a bit damaged or completely spoiled, then you will definitely be assisted with insurance keeping the fiscal losses away.

All the above given points are the precautionary actions to protect your interest. If you feel the need for any added support, please feel free to get in touch any time:

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