Truck Drivers, Indian economy’s front-line warriors in COVID19 times


COVID19 has brought in unusual times. They are not easy to glide through for the trucking industry as well.

The trucking industry, the nervous system of an economy, keeps things rolling, taking them to places where they are required and hence fueling the system. Hence, in the times of the global pandemic, it became more than just the duty of the trucking industry to keep the nation up and running.

But as they say that the tough get going in the tougher situations, the trucking industry has been busy carrying out its duties with even more diligence and hence setting examples.

Hard Times

With the country being in lockdown for about 90 days, the transport system delivering the essentials did not stop. We cannot be thankful enough to the truck drivers who became our front-line warriors carrying the essentials from one destination to another, fulfilling the demands of the millions.

As critical workers carrying out their duties, the drivers had to bring themselves in harm’s way to ensure that essential medicines, supplies, and food items are readily available to our communities in this time of need.

The truck drivers did not worry about getting exposed to infection and kept bringing to us our milk, groceries, and other crucial goods that helped us continue our daily chores while being in the safety of our homes in the lockdown.

During these unprecedented times, truckers need more support from us and a process of following preventive measures to help ensure that they are safe. In this case, the digital world embracing new technologies can be beneficial for them.

And now, when the nation has entered into the stages of Unlock, gradually opening itself, the continuing spread of COVID-19 has pushed forth the demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits and medical supplies. There is constant pressure on the supply chain that is already managing the delivery of essential goods throughout the country.

How Trukky Drivers Work

We have designed our website and mobile application impeccably to take online bookings, thus making way for contactless business. Through the online platform, the customer can make bookings easily and instantly. Using the 24/7 tracking process, the customer can easily find out the whereabouts of their consignment whenever they want to.

The website and mobile application bring several advantages for our drivers as well. All our drivers use Trukky Driver application on a daily basis through which they can accept the booking bid made by a customer easily.

While in lockdown, Trukky kept on providing work to our driver-partners via the bidding platform on the mobile app. With a few simple clicks, they can check the nearby real-time load and can accept and book the load. Trukky also supported them by providing the complete payment in advance.

Our driver partners are the crucial pillars of our business. We are taking all possible steps to support our driver-partners. Our staff maintains regular communication with them. Our driver support teams make sure that the drivers understand the change in their working conditions and are ready to accept the new normal.

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