Truck Drives Get more Bucks, Best Ratings with Trukky

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If the trucking sector in India is all set to witness heydays and the drivers have promising and profiting careers ahead, the role of trucking apps like Trukky can’t be appreciated enough.

With Trukky, the truck drivers in India are not only improving their earnings per day but are also open to get themselves trained and are making endeavors to get the best ratings to achieve more client satisfaction than ever before.


Let us take a look at how Trukky is changing lives of more than 5000 professional truck driving associates across India, by helping them earn more than what they used to otherwise.

More earnings per trip

All truck drivers, whether in India or abroad, crave to earn more. But when they are with Trukky, they don’t have to find other means to accentuate their earnings. All they need to do is to sign up on Trukky’s booking app and satisfy their cravings to earn extra with every ride.

No issues with payment

When the truck drivers are part of Trukky, they don’t have to worry about payments. They are assured that their payments are safe, secure and will reach to them on time. At Trukky, we pay more than 100% amount to the driver in advance. Moreover, the outstanding amount gets transferred to their bank account within a day.

Customer support on the go

Our drivers know that all situations, they may land up in while being on road, are taken care of. We provide around the clock support for our drivers, through call centers, managed by our team of professionals.They get 24/7 app support and training facility while working with Trukky.

Professional drivers

At Trukky, we ensure that the drivers that are registered on our network are professional in all ways and means. At our App, their registration is successful only when they upload the required genuine documents.

Our truck driver partners follow all the prescribed safety measures while being on duty. They know that they should avoid over-speeding, overloading their trucks or tempos and follow all traffic rules. Our trainers train them that careful driving not only ensures their own safety, but also ensures the safety of the goods and that they are duty bound to deliver undamaged.

Perfect service

We train our drivers regularly to ensure they offer their services perfectly. They always make sure that they arrive on time for their trips. They have been trained to call and inform the customer that they have arrived and begin the trip only after loading. They call the trip completed only after they ensure that they have arrived at the correct drop point. While reaching the correct destination, the trip fare is calculated correctly and both the customer and driver save time.

We tell them the importance of having clean vehicles – as to why cleaning their vehicles regularly before starting a new trip is important to ensure client satisfaction along with hygiene while delivering goods.

Moreover, our trained drivers help customers with loading and off-loading the goods as soon as they reach the destination. They know that this extra gesture not only makes the customers happy and helps them get a nice overall experience, but also brings them the best ratings.

Our drivers completely understand that well-mannered and polite drivers often get the best ratings no matter what the problems were during the trip. They know that their politeness and well-mannerism tourism can help them build trust with the customer.

How drivers have been trained to follow the GPS route map technology for recommended routes to help them complete their existing trip on or before time. This helps them to get more trips and hence enhance their earnings.

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