Warehouse to Destination: Parcel or Part-Load Economy Low-Cost Goods Delivery Service

part load service

Shipping cost is one of the main costs of your small and medium enterprises. Smart operation method can save a lot of time and cost burden on your business and as they say, one penny saved is one penny earned in business.

Even when you have to send a personal parcel, there is a lot of confusion in terms of delivery and price arises. There is no set parameter for a price based on parcel weight and which increases the unreasonable cost of delivery.

In such case, you came to know service which is not only low cost but also delivers cargo on time with real-time tracking of your consignment! Isn’t it exciting?

 Yes, Trukky has come up with Part-load economy goods delivery services from warehouse to warehouse. How to book your part load economy delivery in easy four steps are explained below in brief.

  1. Pack your parcel properly

The packaging of goods to be delivered depends on kind of material or volume you are shipping to another location. Goods could be fragile, perishable or low weight with high volume area, which requires different ways of packaging during shipping goods.

Keep it minimal required packaging by shrinking vacant space by using different size of boxes to pack specific goods rather than the same size of boxes for all products. By reducing vacant space inside boxes, you can reduce the cost of shipping as well.

  1. Deliver at nearest warehouse

Now, Trukky has a warehouse to warehouse service in more than 40 different cities in India. For delivery under part-load economy service, deliver properly packed consignment to the nearest warehouse in your city. Customer will receive the notification through email and SMS on receiving of goods to deliver at the desired destination.

  1. Consignment delivered to the destination

Efficient transportation network delivers the consignment to the destination in a very low time frame. The robust technology behind Trukky platform, customers can track their goods location status at any point of time during delivery. Once consignment reached the warehouse customers receive the notification.

  1. Pick-up from the nearest warehouse

To ensure fast delivery consignment will be delivered to a warehouse in closest proximity of delivery address. Now, the customer can pick the parcel from the nearest warehouse once received the notification about parcel delivery. Easy drop and pick up of parcel makes the entire process of delivery hassle-free for customers.


There are more than 100-10,000 parcels being delivered in India by each service provider. But still timely and cost-effective delivery services are rare. Warehouse to warehouse parcel/part-load economy service is for customers looking for timely delivery of parcel without end up paying the unreasonable higher cost. You definitely would like to book your next consignment from Trukky’s new delivery model which is receiving maximum applaud from customers.


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