Your guide to easy, online insurance booking for the safe movement


While making an online booking for goods’ movement through Trukky, the best thing to become assured about everything is Trukky insurance 

Are you planning to book your shipment for a movement in India? Are you worried about its safety and security? Do you feel that if your shipment gets damaged or delayed beyond expectations, it will cause you a huge loss? 

At Trukky, we understand that it is natural for you to think about the safety of your shipment while transporting the goods. Therefore, Trukky, India’s one of the leading service providers, offers insurance assistance features with the transport service through India’s best truck transporters. This will not only ensure that your goods are safe with us but also help you stay assured about the safety of your goods.

When to consider Trukky insurance? 

While making booking for your shipment on the web and mobile platform of Trukky, you need to self-evaluate your shipment and make a judgment basis on – 

  1. Does your shipment include fragile goods?
  2. Is the cost of your shipment too high?
  3. Can you afford accidental and unavoidable circumstances causing a delay in delivering your shipment?

If any one of your answers are in ‘yes’, you should definitely go for Trukky insurance. 

It may not be easy for you to trust the transport company for the safety of your goods. Therefore, you can easily get yourself some peace of mind by getting Trukky insurance. Trukky provides insurance services for securing and ensuring the safe movement of the material and the goods. 

What to consider while opting for insurance 

  1. Make sure goods are properly packaged so that any potential damage can be avoided. Especially, for fragile items, such as ceramics, glass items, pottery, marble artifacts, and other such breakable items, you need a careful and proper packing. You can also consider layering such items in the packing material to make them ready for transportation.

  2. Right assessment of your goods and reporting them correctly to the transporter is absolutely essential. Only then, they will be able to help you by ensuring the shipment is delivered safely. If you are facing a problem in describing them correctly to the transporter, you can take pictures and share them. 


  1. You must ensure that the value of the shipment that you have declared is indeed the correct value of the shipment. This is essential because at the time of claim, your claim settlement amount might be reduced on a pro-rata basis. 

How to make the booking?

You can avail the Trukky insurance services online or by contacting the customer services at the time of booking a transit. Trukky insurance is not at all an expensive move. You can now keep your goods secured by paying insurance at a very low price. Trukky insurance is an effective solution when transit security is a priority for you. It is a smart solution to secure your goods and buy yourself some peace of mind. Just contact us with your requirements and we will guide you with the best solution that suits your budget.  


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