Trukky Complete all Transporter Need of Cliniqmart


The transportation service in Delhi these days has turned extremely simple with the professional service assistance of the logistic groups. The organizations that endow the people with logistic services can considerably decrease the company’s expenses on transportation of goods. Whereas this drop margin may be minor in short-distance shipping, it plays a vital role in the long-distance transportation.


We are working with experienced and professional people who are skilled enough to put forward the required security and ease while transporters in Delhi. These experts perform their tasks with utmost honesty and manage things in such a way that the goods do not get damaged during transportation.

A medical equipment supplier Cliniqmart said that all transporter need of cliniqmart is made possible by Trukky Logistics.

Area we serve in Delhi

Trukky has come up with the most efficient logistic service plan in order ease-up the transport services requirements of people in Delhi. The specific areas that we mostly serve in Delhi are Okhla, punjabi bagh jhilmil, sonipat, wazirpur, mohan cooperative, jhilmil, punjabi bagh, lawrence road, wazirpur, Bawana, mohan cooperative, sonipat, karol bagh, karnal etc.

Routes we serve from Delhi  

Here at Trukky, we serve up the customers with best possible transport service solutions at the most affordable rates. The best part about our logistic group is that we are serving in more than 100 cities in the country.

There are various routes where we serve from Delhi and those are Delhi to punjabi bagh, Delhi to jhilmil, Delhi to sonipat, Delhi to wazirpur, Delhi to Mumbai, Delhi to Ahmedabad, Delhi to Bangalore, Delhi to Chandigarh, Delhi to Chennai, Delhi to Hyderabad, Delhi to Pune.

Truck type we provide for service from Delhi

The responsibility of the experts is to make sure that the protection of goods and they are so skilled that they will never let down the clients. Therefore, you will get delivery of your material without any damage or loss even if the goods are shifted for the long distance at some place by the best suited vehicle through Goods Transporters in Delhi. These skilled people always look out all the points that are essential to do the movement of goods better and hassle-free.

The truck types we offer for transport service from Delhi are tanker, single axle 32 ft, close body container, 16 ton truck, half body truck, full body truck,  flatbed truck, multi axle 32 ft/21 ton/ 9 ton, trailer, Dumper, eicher 19 feet.

Industry types we serve from Delhi 

The transport services in Delhi are now offered by Trukky at highly affordable rates as several internet based transport organizations in Delhi are ready to put forward the customers with best Delhi transport. Trukky is counted among one the finest serving transporters in Delhi who offer a variety of related services like full load, part load, door to door parcel, warehouse to warehouse parcel and more.

Delhi has various local transporters but you should always opt for some trusted option like Trukky. We are serving the customers with transportation of products such as Gems & jewellery, handloom, handicrafts, decorative items, plastic products, water purifiers, garments, steel transporters, cement, fashion accessories, food products, household items, furniture, chemicals, electronics and more.

The “Trukky” Mobile App.

We, for the convenience of our valued customers, have come up with an easy way to book a transport service from to any location for shipping goods safely. Now, you can save your time and money by simply downloading the Trukky mobile application and get done with all your vehicle bookings for transportation with just a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Insurance Assistance feature

The company always presents the clients with best service solutions every time you need to ship your goods to different locations around the country. Additional, we also offer the users with goods security through the facility insurance assistance.

The most essential point when searching for a shipping group is the practice and professionalism of the people offering moving service. Trukky is one of the leading transport service providers in Delhi that have proved to be extremely successful in presenting the clients with top-notch service quality.

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