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Want to get assisted by some transporter for Wazirpur industrial area? Book a transport service with Trukky manage it all with a few clicks. Wazirpur is a major industrial area positioned north east Wazirpur . The location includes various industrial setups and also known as one of the major pick up point for goods transport services.

Near by Transporter in Wazirpur

The nearby locations here are karol bagh, mohan cooperative, jhilmil, okhla, punjabi bagh, kirti nagar, mahipalpur, Budh vihar. The Transport company for wazirpur is offering insurance support along the amenity to track your cargo. The goods that are mostly transported from this location are cement, furniture, chemicals, edible items, clothing, construction material, household goods, electronics, chemicals etc.

The major cities that require frequent goods transportation from this area are:

wazirpur to Mumbai, wazirpur to Ahmedabad, wazirpur to Bangalore, wazirpur to Delhi, wazirpur to Chennai, wazirpur to Chennai, wazirpur to Hyderabad, wazirpur to Pune, wazirpur to karol bagh, wazirpur to jhilmil.

Required trucks in Wazirpur?

This transport company for wazirpur is ready to provide wallet cashback together with providing real-time pricing for freight booking. You can even book a trailer, lorry or any other goods carriers such as single axle 32 ft, 16 ton truck, trailer, eicher 19 feet, Dumper, half body truck, multi axle 32 ft/21 ton/ 9 ton, full body truck, tanker, flatbed truck, close body container in accordance with the material. Acquire Trukky’s logistic services that are affordable and the experts here are all set to serve the clients with 24*7 support. This transport company for wazirpur is also serving with the facility of online transport booking through web or mobile app from anywhere. Now, send your parcel/part load or manage goods transportation at lowest rates through Trukky.

Address transporter in Wazirpur?

Office Address: WAZIRPUR

Area: Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi

Postal Code: 110052

Latitude: 28.6975° N

Longitude: 77.1604° E


Today Information of Wazirpur Truck Booking

For online truck booking in Delhi, we have more than 50 vehicles that are all set for service. Some of those are

  • 20 feet Closed Container / 6.5 TON
  • 16 Ton / 10 Wheel
  • 32 feet Multi axle / 14.5 Ton
  • 25 Ton / 14 Wheel
  • 9 Ton / 6 Wheel
  • 40 feet trailer

Today’s minimum truck rental for transportation of goods from Delhi is near about Rs- 855

The number of parcel home delivery requests that we received today for

  • Wazirpur To Piro  were  11
  • Wazirpur To Sanand  were  23
  • Wazirpur To Rabkavi-banhatti  were  14
  • Wazirpur To Mainaguri  were  24
  • Wazirpur To Serampore  were  19
  • Wazirpur To Thodupuzha  were  24
  • Wazirpur To Alappuzha  were  11
  • Wazirpur To Rahatgarh  were  24

The types of materials we have shipped today through goods carriers from Delhi are medicines,Textile,Boxes( Heavy),Machinery Parts ( Boxed),Marbles,Cupboard (Wooden),Chair (Single),Sofa cum bed,Chair ( Packed in set of 2)

Recently Booked Transports Trucks in Wazirpur

PickupDropTruck TypeDistanceDateMaterial TypeWeight
WazirpurPiro32 feet Multi axle / 14.5 Ton976.0262020/10/30Medicines14.5
WazirpurSanand9 Ton / 6 Wheel944.5252020/10/30CASE ACCESSORIES9
WazirpurRabkavi banhattiEICHER 19 FEET1809.432020/10/30PAPER REELS7
WazirpurMainaguri32 feet Multi axle / 14.5 Ton1493.3572020/10/30Handle puller and m c sheets14.5
WazirpurSerampore16 Ton / 10 Wheel1452.3222020/10/30solar panels16
WazirpurThodupuzha32 feet Single axle / 7 Ton2722.682020/10/30Packaging material7
WazirpurAlleppey20 feet Closed Container / 6.5 TON2752.2822020/10/30Trolley6.5
WazirpurRahatgarh9 Ton / 6 Wheel690.0252020/10/30Laminate sheets9

Customer Reviews For Wazirpur Transport Services

4.8 based on 12 reviews

Complete solution of Transport Services in Delhi with numbers of truck bookings in a day provides by Trukky logistics since they are providing transport services in Delhi via an online app or website. The major benefit of Delhi transporter is they always provide you a reliable cost on Truck booking within a budget.

9, June 2020
rated 4.9/5.0

When we go with offline Truck booking in Mumbai we found they asking for high charges for loading trucks in Mumbai Transporters which is very high as compared to online Mumbai Truck Booking hence we start to book truck in Mumbai with Online Company.

14, May 2020
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When we go with offline Truck booking in Delhi we found they asking for high charges for loading trucks in Delhi Transporters which is very high as compared to online Delhi Truck Booking hence we start to book truck in Delhi with Online Company.

14, May 2020
rated 4.5/5.0

When we go with offline transporter in Delhi we found they asking for high charges for loading trucks in Delhi which is very high as compared to online Delhi transporters hence we start to book truck in Delhi with Online Company.

29, April 2020
rated 4.6/5.0

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There are 12 major Industrial Estates and 12 Special Economic Zones together with 10 Industrial Parks/Developers in Ahmedabad district. On the other hand, the industrial development restricted to the surrounding locations of the urban city of Ahmedabad and some towns of the district. This city is commercial capital and also a major industrial spot of Gujarat and has been announced as a Mega City.

Delhi is a popular city that includes thousands of industries manufacturing products like Gems & jewellery, handloom, handicrafts, decorative items, plastic products, water purifiers, garments and a lot more to go with. This National Capital Terittory is the home to some of the top most organizations. A few among the public sector undertaking positioned in this city are

According to Delhi’s economic survey, this national capital territory contributes almost 70.95 percent of city’s total SDP. The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute positioned in Okhla, Delhi has come up with the capital city’s Industrial Profile. The major purpose for organizing the Industrial Profile of Delhi is to let the details get quickly accessible with regard to the location, Industrial Area available, Administrative Set Up, expansion of MSMEs, tendency of MSMEs, groups and more to the present as well as potential Entrepreneurs.