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Rajat Verma has been in the business of getting goods from Gujarat and selling them in Delhi for about a decade now. He has to hire trucks to transport these goods to Delhi godowns. But now from the first quarter of 2018, Verma has been able to cut the cost of transportation by about 10 percent. How? He has found the new way of booking the trucks where he is clearing saving the middlemen’s brokerage.

The broker process

Brokers or freight brokers or truck brokers, act as intermediates between the shippers and carriers by arranging for the transportation. Their role is to find a load that needs transportation and pair it with the trucking company that offers transportation.

In return of his services, the freight broker receives a commission for these matchmaking skills. This process has worked for people since decades, but it also takes away heavy cut on the profits. It also means that there is an extra cut that goes to the brokers.

Let us take a look at the complete process here –

  1. The process begins when you contact a broker or the broker contacts you to inquire about your requirement of a truck.
  2. When the shipper is ready with a load to be transported, the broker takes the order from the shipper. Here, the shipper will have to explain in detail about what is required. Here if the broker is not unable to communicate any uncertainty about the order, you may face hassles later during the dispatch.
  3. The broker then work on an estimate of the rate of transportation. Negotiations take place as the broker ask the shipper what they want to pay. After quick calculations, the broker will tell an amount that they will offer to the truck. Though he may not charge the shipper or the carrier service directly, he increases the transaction cost by 8-10 percent.
  4. The broker then goes to his database of trucks available for the day. He will call various carrier services to check the availability of a truck.
  5. At some point during the day or worse next day, the broker may find a driver or a dispatcher company who is ready to ship the load. You may then get a call from the broker that a carrier company is ready to ship your load.
  6. The broker will then sends the agreement document to the carrier, which you need to immediately sign and date and send back to the broker.
  7. The load details are then given to the driver.
  8. After the load is delivered to the destination, the carrier reports about it to the broker. The broker will then inform you about the status.

Brokers stay away from problems during on delivery, such as broken or missing goods and leave it to be dealt between the shipper and carrier.

Save your time and money with the online process

Let us understand what Verma did right and the difference in freight booking with or without brokers.

Welcome to the world of Trukky, the online truck booking system where you can book your truck yourself, without requiring anybody else’s service. He realized that he was paying the broker for doing nothing extra, as he can do the bookings himself.

Trukky is a specialized web portal that offer load matching services for your goods. As you enter your details and requirements, it gives you only those trucks that suit you the best. Working like Uber and Ola, it allows the truck drivers to directly contact the shipper, a company or an individual, and get the work. Once, you are in our database, we send you regular alerts through the mail, which you can use to ascertain if any requirement meets your profile. You can check the price instantly.

In contrast to the above process, here the entire process includes only three steps –

  1. Enter your details – Submit the details of your load, pick up, drop destination
  2. Get your price and make payment–Get instant pricing about how much it will cost and pay for various payment mode
  3. Stay in touch – Receive vendor details and updates through email and SMS notifications

We give you service guarantee about verified drivers, timely pickup, and delivery with no hidden charges. With 24X7 support and tracking services, you will get regular updates through live tracking and round the clock customer support. Unlike brokers and local transporters, we provide end-to-end support. We will not turn our head away from you as we will provide you insurance and damage reclaim funds.

Like Verma, you too can save your precious time and money by bidding adieu to brokers, who earn their commission from you without doing anything extra. You can the same yourself on Trukky. Find the right truck yourself online today.

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