Part load Or Parcel Services: New Way To Reduce Cost Of Transportation

part load service parcel service

Transportation cost is a significant part of a company’s overall logistics spends. The proportion allocated to transportation can be upward to fifty percent with the increase in the price of fuel. This extended price is passed to the consumer, and the price of goods continues to rise. This is why optimizing the logistics costs, and operational efficiency is so important. In fact, they should be the top priority for any business that does a lot of shipping.

In this case, you should opt for some cost-effective parcel practices which are not only low in cost but also provide timely delivery and real-time tracking features. Yes, there are various logistics delivery services which have both the benefits. The phenomenon of part-load or parcel delivery system is a viable medium for efficient and innovative delivery.

Opt for a Part-load delivery system

The part-load delivery system is easy to drop and picks up service of the parcel that makes the whole delivery process hassle-free for the customers. Here is the step by step guide to starting with the part-load delivery system:

  • Intelligent Packaging:

The type of goods varies according to the nature of manufacturers. Some products can be perishable, fragile and of low volume area while some will take large volume area. You should prepare the package according to the type of products.

Make sure; there is no extra space left vacant by using some different size of goods. Don’t go by arranging goods by the size of their boxes but according to the space. The more vacant space you will reduce from the boxes the more efficient your transportation will be.

  • Warehouse Operations:

The transportation services have their warehouse in almost every city. To carry on with your parcel or part-load delivery service, you have to deliver the packed consignment to the warehouse in your town.

Once you are done with your part, the transportation company will deliver the consignment to the desired city and store your consignment in a warehouse of that city. After successfully delivery of the consignment to the warehouse, the customer will receive a notification about the shipment.

  • Pick Up:

The transport company will take care of fastest delivery along with the real-time tracking of your consignment. For this, they will deliver your consignment to a warehouse in closest proximity of delivery address. Once the consignment reaches the warehouse, the customer will receive notification, and they can pick the parcel from there.


There are many factors which can affect the transportation and they will definitely result in a higher cost. The part-load service is a boon for the customers looking for timely delivery without paying the higher cost. The best part is that customers can track the status of their shipment anytime anywhere with the real-time tracking feature. This hassle-free transport service will not only increase your customer’s satisfaction level but also increase your business value. So, are you ready to try out the new parcel or part-load transportation logistics service for your next shipments?

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