GST E-Way Bill: Tax Update for The Logistic Industry

Gst Eway bill

The national e-way bill scheme, announced on 16th of January on the trial basis, is expected to assist the businesses as well as the transporters to get a hang of the new technique that becomes obligatory.  

From 1st of February this year (2018), all the interstate transit of goods with a value over Rs 50,000 will require securing an e-way bill through previously done online registration for the load. The e-way bill method for intra-state goods transit will be applied from 1st of June this year (2018).

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The GST in transport service and E-way bill is a system produced a bill that all the transport service providers will require carrying in order to ship the consignments to different locations. These E bills can easily be produced from the GST network website. This bill method was announced under the GST plan, but this couldn’t be applied before as the necessary technical infrastructure was not at all in place.

In the month of December, the Goods and service tax Council planned to execute the e-way bill mechanism all over the nation from 1st of February. In an announcement that was released earlier this month, the GSTN informed the transporters that E-way bill would become mandatory for inter-state movements of goods from February 1, 2018. It further said that the nationwide e-way bill system would be ready to be rolled out on a trial basis by 16th of January.

On this subject, GST network CEO ‘Prakash Kumar’ clarified the system’s attentiveness and infrastructure potential to cope up with the transition. The CEO added that the GST e-way bill plan is intended to manage near about 50 lakhs e-way bills every day. The GST network anticipates almost 10 lakh bills for the interstate and near about 35-40 lakh bills for the intra-state.

The technical support for this billing system has been improvised by the Indian government’s leading science & technology group named as “National Informatics Centre”. Whereas the GST network possesses the software, it will be operated and managed by NIC, which is a data center we are using here, like bandwidth we are paying for the connectivity,”

Kumar added that “the main data centre is in Delhi”. The CEO also clued-up the public that the growth of infrastructure for this recently planned bill method holds the cost of almost Rs 40 crores to the country’s government.

The network also mentioned that though the e-way bill system for both the inter-state and intra-state e-way bill generation will be prepared by 16th of January, the states might pick their own schedules for execution of this lately introduced bill system for the inter-state transit of consignments any day before 1st of June. Additionally, the network also stated that “In any case uniform system of the eway bill for inter-state as well as an intra-state movement will be implemented across the country by June 1,”.

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