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Assign Trukky more than 10 time and every time we got the same response from Trukky Logistics in Delhi who are best Delhi Transporter in providing on demand truck booking at affordable and customer satisfaction services.

Shardul Sharma

13 February, 2020, rated 4.8/5.0

Online Transporter are easy to book and easy to load when you hire transporter online you got the opportunity to save the money without filter lots of problem even now booking for online trucks it can be done via mobile application as well.

Neerja Patel

03 February, 2020, rated 4.9/5.0

Online Transporter like Trukky are new innovations in the Transport industry they know how to make things easier for both clients and vendors in transport business trukky is going forward.

Sharma Neha

20 January, 2020, rated 4.7/5.0

Trukky logistics is not a transport company only they have a brand cause whenever I went in the market of truck suppliers everyone said that Trukky is the cheapest rate provider on Truck booking

Shahi Khan

06 January, 2020, rated 4.7/5.0

One of the important thing about Trukky logistics they are always found on top in Google which means Google also consider them as a best transport company in Ahmedabad.

Mannu Mehra

27 December, 2019, rated 4.9/5.0

One of the best Transporters we found in Industry is Trukky logistics who always ready to provide you the best trucks at an affordable cost for any city in India. They also provide you Free Insurance for your Material.

Ruchi Gupta

09 December, 2019, rated 4.8/5.0

Online Reputation of Trukky is very good we like to go with Trukky cause charges are very low as compared to other transporters who make money after loading the material.

Mr Vikash

02 December, 2019, rated 4.7/5.0

The selection of best transport company online is difficult cause we don't know which is going to be more perfect and with whom we need to deal to get the best prices. Trukky is local transporters who help us to get regular truck prices


25 November, 2019, rated 4.8/5.0

Moving is never been simple since Transport and Logistics isn't a sorted out part. We hire Trucks from Trukky logistics for moving our gadgets material which needs to bring very safe. We read review of trukky and its found very reliable and trustable so we book truck from trukky logistics. It was wonderful experience book truck with Trukky.

Roshan Lal

22 November, 2019, rated 4.9/5.0

One of the best Transport Company is Trukky logistics who provides the best rate for moving and shifting material from one city to another city at affordable cost with full safety.

Mathur Kavish

13 November, 2019, rated 4.9/5.0

We are regular client of Trukky Logistics they provide us valid price for booking each type of Trucks and help us to delivery tires on urgent basis as well. We glad to become regular customer with Trukky

Atul Raghav

30 October, 2019, rated 4.9/5.0

We are online Art gallery and provide online services but sometimes we need to send in bulk for that we need a truck for moving and delivery at that time we use Trukky and every time we got excellent services from Trukky.

Nibhya Sahni

22 October, 2019, rated 4.9/5.0

We are also a transport company but sometimes we also need other transporters to help to make full fill bulk requirement so we are a regular client of trukky logistics and always got satisfied services from Trukky Logistics

Naahr singh

07 October, 2019, rated 4.8/5.0

Book Truck with Online Transport organization we contract truck from trukky, best case scenario costs when contrasted with different sellers in market likewise we get other advantage with Trukky like Tracking subtleties free protection and cashback.

Arjun Negi

30 September, 2019, rated 4.7/5.0

one of the best transporter are trukky who provide us best prices at urgent need of trucks make need complete by trukky logistics

Nitin Mukesh

23 September, 2019, rated 4.6/5.0

We hire a truck from trukky and we get the best rate from trukky one of the best transports.

Aarti Sharma

16 September, 2019, rated 4.5/5.0

we hire trucks for one of our clients via trukky cause we are not able to provide truck requirement in bulk we hire truck from trukky at very affordable cost and that is very good idea to make our client requirement completely now we are making our requirement from trukky.

Baldev singh

09 September, 2019, rated 4.9/5.0

We hire trucks from trukky logistics one of the best transporters in Ahmedabad who provide us good services at best prices with 100 percent safety of the material.

Dhruv Batra

05 September, 2019, rated 5.0/5.0

Trukky had a proper staff who had a conversation very smoothly for every point they guide where is the truck location and how much time it will take to reach until destination. Good Transporters in Ahmedabad Trukky Logistics.

Varun Mehta

22 August, 2019, rated 4.3/5.0

Online Transporter is so easy to send material and good from one city to another city we got best service from trukky transporters.

Kamlesh Rao

10 August, 2019, rated 4.7/5.0

We are heavy intro loader and movers we hire trucks from trukky logistics for Ahmedabad Location trukky provides us


02 July, 2019, rated 4.5/5.0

We hire trukky logistics for loading fan and cooler in bulk amount. We get trukky logistics at best price with insurance of our consignment. Good Experience with Trukky

Rahul Srivastva

02 July, 2019, rated 4.5/5.0

We Hire Trukky Logistics for bringing the automobile spare parts from the port and get the best prices with good tracking service.

Jayant Yadav

07 June, 2019, rated 4.5/5.0

We hire Trukky logistics for load toys from Ahmedabad to Bangalore at very affordable cost with Trukky.

Sushila Devi

07 June, 2019, rated 4.5/5.0

We Delivered material from Port to the internal city with Trukky Logistics it's one of the biggest transport company in Google.

Leena Chadda

07 June, 2019, rated 4.5/5.0

I was looking trucks for moving my gym machine from Ahmedabad to Delhi I booked trucks from Trukky Logistics and it was awesome.

Tarun Choudhary

07 June, 2019, rated 4.5/5.0

We hire a truck from trukky at best price compared to other transporters in the market and get a satisfying service from trukky

Thakur Aman

15 March, 2019, rated 5.0/5.0

Trukky logistics help us to shift from Ahmedabad to Delhi with very less time and complete satisfaction service.


13 March, 2019, rated 5.0/5.0

We were looking for Delhi to Ahmedabad transporters for shifting our material for export to another country we use trukky logistics to get truck for loading material at affordable cost.

Vishnu Varansey

27 October, 2018, rated 5.0/5.0