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Complete solution of Transport Services in Chennai with numbers of truck bookings in a day provides by Trukky logistics since they are providing transport services in Chennai via an online app or website. The major benefit of the Chennai transporter is they always provide you a reliable cost on Truck booking within a budget.


09 June, 2020, rated 4.6/5.0

Trukky logistics work incredibly hard to ensure that the maximum safety levels are achieved, particularly in this difficult time while booking trucks in Chennai, and any appreciation is shown means a lot. Particularly to those delivery drivers who are actively putting themselves at risk, day in, day out in order to ensure we can all get what we need in Chennai.


26 May, 2020, rated 4.5/5.0

When we go with offline transporter in Chennai we found they asking for high charges for loading trucks in Chennai which is very high as compared to online Chennai transporters hence we start to book truck in Chennai with Online Company.


25 April, 2020, rated 4.6/5.0

Trukky Chennai helps us to provide delivery of our essential and good during the Pandemic of coronavirus. When everything is shut down Trukky was dedicatedly helping people by providing Transport Services in Chennai


21 April, 2020, rated 4.5/5.0

one of the most popular Chennai Transporters they always keep vehicles ready for Chennai to anywhere in India. They always provide a valueable quote on Truck booking in Delhi that's why our company always keep booking Truck from Trukky

Mohit Garg

08 April, 2020, rated 4.9/5.0

The right choice was choosing the Trukky logistics for booking online Truck as simple as booking a cab just put the pic up and drop location get the estimated price which is perfect price compared to another vendor in the market.


23 March, 2020, rated 4.8/5.0

Found online Transporter like Trukky help us to promote our own Transporter to compare who is the best transporter in market When we compare we realize that Trukky is top class as compare to us we urban clap appreciate Trukky logistics.


11 March, 2020, rated 4.8/5.0

Trukky is best when you only looking for long-distance transport services, for example, you want to book a truck in Chennai for Delhi it will be the best and cost-effective cause when you book a truck for long-distance it provides you cheap price.


04 March, 2020, rated 4.9/5.0

The market price is always up and down for truck booking sometime market value becomes high and sometimes you can get trucks on normal price but Trukky logistics who are online transporter always keep the price same

Millind Baba

27 January, 2020, rated 4.9/5.0

We hire Truck from Trukky cause we are not able to provide transport services in south Cities trukky have trucks across India they made our Transporters required very easily

Shekhar Shah

20 January, 2020, rated 4.8/5.0

it's nice to book truck with Trukky logistics cause transporters are always known for chunk money from customers but while booking with Trukky its was a good experience for us.


14 January, 2020, rated 4.7/5.0

Online Transport company Trukky provides us the regular trucks during the urgent with the same prices as always they charge. Trukky is the one of the Trustable Transporters in the Market.

Dinesh Maan

06 January, 2020, rated 4.5/5.0

Online Logistics and Transporters need can be complete with local transporters just like Trukky Transporters We have lots of trucks in the market still we are not able to give prices just like Trukky give I don't know how trukky do like these give trucks such a cheap prices.


16 December, 2019, rated 4.8/5.0

Trukky Logistics provides best Price for booking online Truck from anywhere in India they have all types of Trucks like trailer single axle,multi axle.

Rekha Gola

30 October, 2019, rated 4.9/5.0

Trukky one of the most simple way we found to book truck online at very practical costs. We contract truck from trukky in Mumbai for multi hub 19 ft which was not accessible disconnected. Trukky give completely support during entire exchange. I might want to recommend you to book Truck from Trukky Logistics

Muhammad Sai

30 September, 2019, rated 4.8/5.0

Trukky are online Transport Company they provide our truck in a bulk with instant requirement time. We praised about trukky online Work Strategy.

Bhushan Sharma

23 September, 2019, rated 4.6/5.0

I was looking for transporters in Pune for Chennai and get Truck from trukky it was very nice experience with trukky logistics.

Parul Mehta

04 April, 2019, rated 4.5/5.0

We were required to trucks in bulk for our client deal we book trucks with trukky logistics and got instant truckload service.Trukky logistics has a great capacity to provide trucks


26 October, 2018, rated 5.0/5.0