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we were looking for transport agents in Delhi to Hyderabad during the lockdown but there were none of the transport companies in Delhi to Hyderabad who operating during lockdown except Trukky then we got the best quotes from Trukky logistics who provide us time-saving instant delivery of our material. One of the best Transporters is Trukky. One of the best Transporters is Trukky.


03 July, 2020, rated 0.0/5.0

Complete solution of Transport Services in Delhi to Hyderabad with numbers of truck bookings in a day provides by Trukky logistics since they are providing transport services in Delhi to Hyderabad via an online app or website. The major benefit of Delhi to Hyderabad transporter is they always provide you a reliable cost on Truck booking within a budget.


09 June, 2020, rated 0.0/5.0

During the outbreak of Coronavirus we weren’t sure about that who can deliver us the material from Delhi to Hyderabad without being in contact. The risk of coronavirus is very high but still we want to get the delivery of our material from Delhi to Hyderabad which is already a red zone but essential are medical equipment which also important for our medical team and clinic for providing people treatment and testing.


26 May, 2020, rated 0.0/5.0

This is my 2nd-time Truck Booking from Delhi to Hyderabad. Even thou it is a bit out of my way. The customer service from this Truck Booking Company is the whole process was just flawless. Great Delhi to Hyderabad Transport Services would give it 10 stars if I could one of the most popular Delhi to Hyderabad Transporters they always keep vehicle ready for Delhi to Hyderabad anywhere in India. They always provide a valuable quote on Truck booking in Bangalore.


21 May, 2020, rated 0.0/5.0

We want to hire Delhi to Hyderabad Truck Booking at an affordable cost so we start searching on Google best Truck booking for Delhi to Hyderabad but we are not getting the quotes from offline transporter someone refers me to go with Trukky logistics who also provide Delhi to Hyderabad Transport services at an affordable cost.


15 May, 2020, rated 0.0/5.0

one of the most popular Delhi to Hyderabad Transporters they always keep vehicle ready for Delhi to Hyderabad anywhere in India. They always provide a valueable quote on Truck booking in Delhi that's why our company always keep booking Truck from Trukky

Amit Kumar

14 April, 2020, rated 0.0/5.0

Loading Truck for Delhi to Hyderabad with online transporter is made easy by trukky logistics who always keep trucks ready for loading they are available for booking with online transport company at lowest price as the market

Chetas Sharma

13 January, 2020, rated 0.0/5.0

initially I was not sure what should I book Truck from Trukky Logistics or not so I take a trial and book truck for a short distance route Delhi to Chandigarh. We got perfect delivery of my consignment and then I trust on trukky so it becomes a regular source for me to book online Truck.

Neeti Mohan

18 October, 2019, rated 0.0/5.0

When required good transporters for shifting for international or national shipping from India to Dubai shipping services we always choose trukky logistics as one of the cheaper service providers in Industry.

Mudit Rahul

14 October, 2019, rated 0.0/5.0

Online Transporters we hire trukky was the best amoung all other transporters they provide best services at best affordable cost

Sahil Juneja

30 September, 2019, rated 0.0/5.0

Some of the Good services ever seen. The people Know Very well how to deal with the customer. There are no negative markings of these company their service is in proper manner they know how importance of customer material so they take care accordingly. I have booked my luggage with trukky logistics, the luggage that I have received is the same what I have booked. They have perfect payment option.


17 August, 2019, rated 0.0/5.0

I am happy with the satisfactory services and quick response I received from trukky. The delivery time is also according to my need, the overall experience is very good with trukky logistics.


06 May, 2019, rated 4.9/5.0

I am satisfied with Trukky’s service and support process, delivery process is also very smooth, I Will definitely use this service again in future.

Mr Sagar Kulkarni

06 May, 2019, rated 4.7/5.0

Excellent service provided by trukky, they follow the on time delivery and provide hassle free truck service with affordable price, safety, real-time pricing, insurance assistance, it’s really amazing. Overall the service is excellent.

Mustafa Kamal

06 May, 2019, rated 4.4/5.0

I am satisfied with the service quality, the service was excellent. Driver was very good & he delivered the consignment much before than expected time, in one word TRUKKY-"BEST SERVICE PROVIDER"

Rachana Acharya

06 May, 2019, rated 4.7/5.0

Trukky provided timely update and the hassle free booking, they shipped my material on time without any delay, I am very happy with the quality of service & interface.

Rajeev Patel

06 May, 2019, rated 4.0/5.0