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Looking for a Transporter in Narol? Book a Transport service through Trukky for safe Transportation of goods. This Transport company also provides the customers with instant rates and insurance. The nearby locations here are Changodar, Odhav, Vatva, Bavla, Aslali, Santej, Gandhinagar, Vastral, Sanand, Kathdwada GIDC, Rajpur - Kadi, Kerla GIDC, Bapunagar, Sahibag, Vastapur. Trukky is offering insurance support along the amenity to track your freight in-transit. The material type mostly transported from this location is FMCG, E-COMMERCE AUTOMOTIVE, Textile & Garments, Telecom & IT, Manufacturing, Retail, Electronics Stationery & Packaging Cosmetics PIpe, Luggage Drums, Solar Panel, Wodden pallet, fragile, Laminate, Fertilizer, Gift Item & Toy, Construction Plastic, Chemical scrap material, Commodity Yarn, Ceremics Machinery, Raw Material, Steel, Mineral, Industrial Goods, ,Liquid, Pharmaceutical. The major cities that require frequent goods transportation from this area are: Narol to Mumbai, Narol to Ahmedabad, Narol to Bangalore, Narol to Delhi, Narol to Chennai, Narol to kolkata, Narol to Hyderabad, Narol to Pune, Narol to Kirti nagar, Narol to Changodar, Narol to Odhav, Narol to Vatva, Narol to Bavla, Narol to Aslali, Narol to Santej, Narol to Gandhinagar, Narol to Vastral, Narol to Sanand, Narol to Kathdwada GIDC, Narol to Rajpur - Kadi, Narol to Kerla GIDC, Narol to Bapunagar, Narol to Sahibag, Narol to Vastapur. Trukky is all set to offer cashbacks to customers together with providing instant rates for online truck booking. You can also book a trailer, lorry or any other goods carriers such as EICHER 12 Ft Open, EICHER 17 Ft Open, EICHER 17 ft Close, EICHER 19 Ft Open, EICHER 20 Ft Close, ,6 Tyres Open, 22 Feet Open,10 Tyres Taurus 28 Ft Multi Axle, 20 Ft Trailer High Bed, 20 Ft Trailer, low Bed,single axle 32 ft, 16 ton truck, eicher 19 feet, half body truck, full body truck, tanker, multi axle 32 ft/21 ton/ 9 ton, flatbed truck, trailer, Dumper, close body container according to the need of load to be moved Get managed logistic services that are affordable and the experts here are all set to serve the clients with round the clock support. This service group is also offering the amenity of online truck booking with the help of web or mobile app from any location you require. You could easily move your parcel/part load or manage goods transportation at affordable prices through Trukky.

Today Information of Narol Truck Booking

For online truck booking in Ahmedabad, we have more than 50 vehicles that are all set for service. Some of those are

  • 16 Ton / 10 Wheel
  • 21 Ton / 12 Wheel
  • 25 Ton / 14 Wheel
  • 9 Ton / 6 Wheel
  • 20 feet trailer

Today’s minimum truck rental for transportation of goods from Ahmedabad is near about Rs- 958

The number of parcel home delivery requests that we received today for

  • Narol To Noida  were  15
  • Narol To Mumbai  were  15
  • Narol To Ranchi  were  12
  • Narol To Surat  were  12
  • Narol To Guwahati  were  11

The types of materials we have shipped today through goods carriers from Ahmedabad are front,GAS CLYINDER,g i wire coil,Partical Board 8ft,Mamy poko,bath rugs,Table machine,Oxymore tab (medicine),Beverages product,Electronic material (computeritem)shifting,Savoury,Booklets & Name tag

Recently Booked Transports Trucks in Narol

PickupDropTruck TypeDistanceDateMaterial TypeWeight
NarolNoidaEICHER 19 FEET933.8722024/07/13empty barrels (scrap)7
NarolMumbaiEICHER 14 FEET523.8762024/07/13Kitchen equipments3.5
NarolRanchi20 feet Closed Container / 6.5 TON1606.1722024/07/13Home appliance6.5
NarolSuratMAHINDRA PICKUP262.6072024/07/13Boxes( Light Material)2.5
NarolGuwahati20 feet Closed Container / 6.5 TON2557.1832024/07/13Glass material,Alumunium Pipes6.5

Customer Reviews For Narol Transport Services

4.8 based on 1 reviews

While checking for quotes via this online company I found that prices provided by the Trukky logistics are pretty good and easy to trusted. When I book truck from Trukky logistics it's easy to execute the complete process.

17, March 2020
rated 4.8/5.0

One of the best Transport Company is Trukky logistics who provides the best rate for moving and shifting material from one city to another city at affordable cost with full safety.

Mathur Kavish
13, November 2019
rated 4.9/5.0

We are regular client of Trukky Logistics they provide us valid price for booking each type of Trucks and help us to delivery tires on urgent basis as well. We glad to become regular customer with Trukky

Atul Raghav
30, October 2019
rated 4.9/5.0

we hire trucks for one of our clients via trukky cause we are not able to provide truck requirement in bulk we hire truck from trukky at very affordable cost and that is very good idea to make our client requirement completely now we are making our requirement from trukky.

Baldev singh
9, September 2019
rated 4.9/5.0

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