Ease-up booking a transport service in Bangalore with dependable transporter in Bangalore such as Trukky, which is among the transport companies that present the clients with best transport solutions. Here, get hold of the most affordable goods carriers to move your load anywhere within the country along the facility of insurance assistance and timely delivery.

Bangalore Parcel Booking Online FAQ


What are the minimum charges to send a parcel service in Bangalore?

The cost for Domestic Parcel Service is somewhat 903. basically measured according to volumetric weight and distance covered. The company offers best door to door delivery service round the country so that they could have a complete satisfaction with our service.


How to measure the weight of a Parcel?

The weight of parcel package will be measured on the basis of volumetric weight. Here, we provide door to door deliveries for all India parcel services. It is important to get the perfect weight as the price depends on that.so, to get the best and cheap cost for the service, know the right weight of your parcel package.


Do Trukky provide door to door parcel service in Bangalore?

The company is offering professional door to door delivery and you can easily Book & Send Parcel Online within minutes. Our experts are all set to serve you with express deliveries around the country. Now, the customers can easily send Send Parcel packages Online through Trukky with just a few clicks. The professionals we are working with are all set to serve you with express deliveries around the country.


In what way can Trukky be a comparison for other cheapest parcel services in Bangalore?

Trukky is said to be one of the most Popular express Parcel service providing companies that also assist with parcel tracking and serve to send parcel anywhere around the country. This is the organization that allows the customers to manage their package deliveries within affordability. Therefore, trukky is the best place to get your parcels delivered to the desired parcel points within the given duration.


Is tracking facility added to the parcel delivery service you offer?

Trukky provides express parcel deliveries and a facility to track particularly for the domestic parcel along door to door service.So, to send your parcels safely at the desired parcel point, it is always better to make it go with professionals. Now, with Trukky’s trusted services, you can even send bulk parcel packages through our express door to door delivery services.


Do Trukky offers cheap parcel delivery services?

Trukky is serving the clients with quick parcel service and also serve to pick and drop parcels from your desired place. Here, we offer the clients with fast home delivery for packages with cheap rates. The company assures the service users that they will receive fast delivery of parcel on door.


Will Trukky assist for parcel packaging?

Trukky does not provide any sort of assistance for packing the material. The clients require keeping their parcel boxes ready for delivery and packed safely so that it gets safer to pick and drop parcel. The parcel delivery services with us get faster and simpler as we also endow the customers with cheap home delivery of parcels.


Can i send a 847 box through door to door parcel service in Bangalore?

Yes, you can send 852 box through speed parcel service you as we carry parcel boxes with a maximum weight of 1 ton. So, you can easily manage intercity parcels.


Are there any extra charges for express parcel delivery in Bangalore?

No, we do not demand for any extra charges for speed parcel service or instant parcel service. The parcel delivery rates may vary in accordance with the weight and distance.


Is same day delivery service available from Bangalore?

No, we do not serve with same day deliveries but you can opt for express parcel delivery or instant parcel delivery.


What are common goods which can be sent through parcel service?

The goods that be easily send in parcel boxes through our door to door parcel delivery service are books, clothes, electronics and other similar products.

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