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Best Transport Service in Gurgaon

Look for the best transporters in Gurgaon and want to truck booking in Gurgaon at affordable cost you can get your goods moved safely to different locations around the country. Book a transport service in Gurgaon for Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chnnnai with Trukky to get hold of the top Gurgaon transporter. We are listed among the best transporters in Gurgaon putting forward the finest and most affordable services for transport in Gurgaon through the best transporters in Gurgaon. At Trukky, we assure to offer the best trucking service in Gurgaon at competitive rates as compared to other transport companies in Gurgaon.

A brief about transporters in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is located in Delhi National Capital Region. This city is near Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. The name of this place is derived by the name of Guru Dronacharya. Recently, this place has been named as Gurugram, This place exists since the times of Mahabharata and is surrounded by beautiful locations like Delhi & Rajasthan. You can get served by the best transporters in Gurgaon with a quick online research. While doing so, you will come across various available options, but it is always suggested to go with the best transport companies in Gurgaon.

Affordable Truck Booking in Grugaon

This city is said to be a hub for some of the most reputed companies like Microsoft, Google, American Express and more. Therefore, this place perfect for the people who are looking forward to great career opportunities. Moreover, the types of micro and small enterprises in the district are Agro based, Soda water, Cotton textile, Woolen, silk & artificial Thread based clothes, Jute & jute based, Ready-made garments & embroidery, Wood/wooden based furniture, Paper & Paper products, etc.

The reason people choose Trukky as the best transporter for Gurgaon

Insurance assistance: The Trukky professionals understand their accountability of moving the goods safe. Consequently, to keep the dependability, we put forward the customers with a very competitive premium at the range of 0.02% to 0.08% and it is limited to an invoice value on maximum Rs. 50 lakhs for both commercial and non-commercial goods Transport company.

Truck booking in Gurgaon

Verified truckers and vehicles: We always present the users with finest transporters, safe and dependable goods transport as one of the best transporters in Gurgaon and other locations. Therefore, to make this happen, we make sure that the truckers and vehicles we are involved in the process are verified and licensed. The experts working with us are the ones who have years of experience in shipping goods to Gurgaon and other areas within the country.

Vehicle Tracking: our Gurgaon professional transporters totally understand that getting the location updates is so important while you transport your belongings to some new place as to stay updated with the exact location of your consignment. Trukky is the company that is providing the best truck booking online in Gurgaon as we offer this unique vehicle tracking facility. This technique will also help you keep calm and trust that your Transporters for Commercial Purpose material will be delivered safe through transporters in Gurgaon.

Upfront Pricing: While you transport goods relocation through Transport carrier in Delhi, the major point of concern is the price and affordability. We at Trukky, offer all our valued customers with a facility to check current Trailer transport services rates instantly on our official website. Moreover, we serve clients with competitive prices that are so easy on their pocket to get done with all the transport service requirements in a best possible manner. We do not demand for any hidden charges for the services through experts Transporters For Gurgaon.

24*7 client support: No matter your vehicle is already in transit or just about to end up or start, our client support team is all geared-up to assist you at any hour. You can get in touch with our customers care experts through email, chat and call to get your goods transport service related issues resolved in no time.

Service Assurance: We are committed to endow the clients with hassle-free and on-demand transport service by Transporters in Gurgaon through a wide network of linked Transporters near me. Our team always strives to serve the customers with satisfactory services. We also provide cash backs and compensations in situations such as late dispatch/pick up, pick up failure, lost connectivity while in transit, vehicle unavailability while dispatch, delayed delivery and more.

Online truck booking in Gurgaon: We are working as the on-demand transporters in Gurgaon. We work with a motive to put forward the customers with hassle-free one-click truck booking online in Gurgaon at the most affordable rates with top-notch service quality and added benefits and unique tech-driven features. You can easily come across the best transport company in Gurgaon for a hassle-free service.

Goods transport has never been so easy!!

With its easy and affordability truck booking online in Gurgaon, Trukky has actually transformed the way goods are being transported. We make your stuff moved to different locations around the country in collaboration with the best transporters in Gurgaon. The major industrial areas in Gurgaon are Manesar, Electronic City, Basai, Dhankot, Sohna, DLF, Udhyog Vihar, Farrukhnagar, Mehroli, Mata Road etc.

Service Guarantee

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Today Information of Gurgaon Truck Booking

For online truck booking in Gurgaon, we have more than 50 vehicles that are all set for service. Some of those are

  • 20 feet Closed Container / 6.5 TON
  • TATA 407
  • 16 Ton / 10 Wheel
  • 21 Ton / 12 Wheel
  • 9 Ton / 6 Wheel

Today’s minimum truck rental for transportation of goods from Gurgaon is near about Rs- 884

The number of parcel home delivery requests that we received today for

  • Gurgaon To Chennai  were  25
  • Gurgaon To Bhopal  were  23
  • Gurgaon To Ludhiana  were  23
  • Gurgaon To Mangalore  were  21
  • Gurgaon To Agra  were  19

The types of materials we have shipped today through goods carriers from Gurgaon are Songwon 3260 pw,PU 270,Bed joint clamp,Harbal,Granite edge cutting machine,Dry coc,Plastic granules in sacks,Promotion table,Tandoori Bhatti,cartoon box, stickers rolls,Poker chips,Poligranite sheet, wooden floorings, pvc panel

Recently Book Truck Booking in Gurgaon

PickupDropTruck TypeDistanceDateMaterial TypeWeight
GurgaonChennai20 feet Closed Container / 6.5 TON2175.9042024/04/15WATER PURIFIER6.5
GurgaonBhopal16 Ton / 10 Wheel745.9072024/04/15Dates palm16
GurgaonLudhianaEICHER 14 FEET345.3912024/04/15Furniture3.5
GurgaonMangalore32 feet Single axle / 7 Ton2258.6622024/04/15Bicycle7
GurgaonAgraEICHER 19 FEET237.1742024/04/15Lighting ( Packed)7

Customer Reviews For Gurgaon Transport Services

4.8 based on 345 reviews

I've tried various transport services in Gurgaon, but Trukky Logistics exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism and affordable rates make them my go-to choice for all logistics needs

Sunita Taide
21, August 2023
rated 4.8/5.0

As I looked for transport services in Gurgaon, I decided to Google for quick solutions. At first, I had doubts about finding dependable goods transporters, but I opted for the top Google search result. Suddenly, I received a call from Trukky logistics as soon as I shared my requirements. Despite my lack of awareness about transport costs in Gurgaon, Trukky presented me with affordable options.

Aisha Khan
17, July 2023
rated 4.8/5.0

Trukky Logistics is renowned for its exceptional transport services in Gurgaon, offering top-notch Transporters in Gurgaon. They prioritize safety, affordability, and efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. Their dedicated team of experts is readily available to address any inquiries or apprehensions you may have.

6, June 2023
rated 4.9/5.0

Gurgaon Truck booking Company near me provides best truck booking quotes. Whenever I required instant truck booking in Gurgaon I always go with Trukky logistics as they are always ready to delivered on time. Sometime booking for Gurgaon Transporters is difficult to book truck in Gurgaon cause it’s a very busy city and every time market loaded with Rush I was searching for Truck for load electronics items. it's easier for me and saves my time and money both simultaneously

25, April 2022
rated 4.8/5.0

Best Transporter in Gurgaon FAQ

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Gurgaon Transport Services

About Gurgaon

The major reason for which our clients love us is that we always strive and promise to endow them with the safest Gurgaon transport service. Get real-time prices, insurance facility, variety of vehicles and a lot more facilities that can actually be extremely beneficial for you.

This is a fact that most of the businesses these days require getting the help of the transport services to move their goods safely. The experts here are all set to offer the clients with best transport services in Gurgaon. The materials that are basically moved from Gurgaon are sofa, bed, AC, TV, fridge, etc. There are various other material categories that we serve in different locations within the country such as Chemical,Machinery,Steel,Mineral,Industrial goods,Liquid,Pharmaceutical,Fruits & Vegetables,FMCG,E-commerce,Automobile parts,Textile & garments,Telecom & IT,Manufacturing,Retail,Electronics,Packaging material. The major industrial areas in Gurgaon are Manesar, Electronic City, Basai, Dhankot, Sohna, DLF, Udhyog Vihar, Farrukhnagar, Mehroli, Mata Road.

Follow the steps to book a truck


1.  Visit or download our Mobile app from Play store. 2.  Select ‘Full Truck Load’ from Service type drop down. 3.  Carefully enter the correct Pickup and Drop Area. 4.  Select Vehicle Type (To know dimensions Click truck Type). 5.  Select customer type (required as per GST Norms) and fill valid details. 6.  Get instant Price with payment options. 7.  Click Confirm.

Package Measurement tips

Step 1

Measure all three dimensions (length, width and height) of the box in centimeters.

Step 2

Add two smallest dimension measurements and then multiply the result by 2. By this you will get the girth of your parcel box.

Step 3

The next step is to add up the parcel box girth to the longest dimension of the box and that will the final dimension figure.

So, In case you are searching for some best serving transporters in Gurgaon then Trukky is the perfect option to choose. The online truck booking process here is customer friendly and you can even get to know the upfront rates with the guarantee of getting your consignment moved safely to any location you want.

Experience easy truck booking in Gurgaon by choosing a truck online

We put forward the users with a multiplicity of goods carriers available with us. Now, they can pick the most suitable option as per the type of goods they need to transport.

The truck types we offer for choice are:

  • Container: The container types available are 20 Feet Container, 40 Feet Container, Refrigerated Containers, Open Top Containers, Tank Containers, High cube Containers, 20 feet Containers etc.
  • Multi Axle: The types of Multi axle trucks we serve are 24 Ft Mutli Axle, 28 Ft Mutli Axle, 32 Feet Mutli Axle, 6 tyre Mutli Axle, 10 tyre Mutli Axle, 7 Ton Mutli Axle etc.
  • Trailer: The trailer types available are 20 Ft Trailer High Bed, Trailer 40 feet, 20 Metric Ton, Trailer 40 feet, 26 Metric Ton, ODC Trailer, Trailer 20 feet, 6 Tyre Trailer, 20 Ft Trailer low Bed,40 Ft Semi Low Bed Trailer.
  • Tanker: The types of tankers we offer are Chemical Tanker, Dry Tanker.
  • Half & full body truck: The half & full body trucks available are 6 tyre, 10 tyre, 12 tyre, 14 tyre, 20 tyre.
  • Taurus truck: The taurus trucks available for service are 22 Feet Taurus truck, 24 Feet Taurus truck, 26 Feet Taurus truck, 750 KG truck, 550 KG, 1.25Ton truck etc.
  • Eicher truck: The truck types available are Eicher 12 Ft, Open Eicher 17 Ft, Open Eicher 17 ft, Close Eicher 19Ft, Open EICHER 20 Ft.
  • Single Axle: The Single Axle types available are 24 Ft Single Axle, 28 Ft Single Axle, 32 Feet Single Axle, 6 tyre Single Axle, 10 tyre Single Axle, 7 Ton Single Axle.
  • Open-close truck: The open-close trucks we offer for service are 3 Ton truck, 4 Ton truck, 5 Ton truck, 6 Ton truck, 7 Ton truck, 8 Ton truck, 9 Ton truck, 10 Ton truck

Choosing Trukky as the best transport services in Gurgaon is the best you can do to make your goods move from one location to the other safely and on time. The best part is that the services here are highly affordable in comparison to the other available options.

Transport your goods safe with industry experts

We put forward the best of goods transportation in Gurgaon for goods transportation from Manesar to every location around the country. Many of industries working in sectors such as textiles, chemicals, machinery, metal products, pharmaceutical,  plastics, engineering, electrical appliances, electronics, passenger cars, etc. are positioned in this district.

Trukky allows the users to transport their goods in a convenient, safe and highly affordable manner from Manesar. The type of goods and products that are mostly transported to various locations of the country from this region of Gurgaon are, jewelry, metal, cement, Electronics Transporters, clothing oil, chemicals, textile, machinery, coal, furniture, pharmaceutical, construction etc.

Here at Trukky, our highly-qualified professionals endow the users with a prospect to ship goods from DLF and other locations. These goods majorly take account of electronics, steel, clothing, cement, textile, machinery, furniture, oil and numerous other products. The consignments that can be shipped easily from Basai are cosmetics, metal, oil, electronics, cement, chemicals, textile, jewelry, machinery, clothing, etc.

The team of qualified professionals working at Trukky, do their best to endow the users with the best of transport services from Dhankot for some of the goods like electronics, machinery, clothing, oil, metal, textile, books, chemicals, jewelry etc.

Now transporting goods in Guragon from Electronic city such as furniture, textile, jewelry, fashion accessories, machinery, clothing, metal, electronics, cement, steel, cosmetics, oil etc. is very convenient, safe and inexpensive with the help of world-class goods and reliable goods transport services by the professionals at Trukky.

Now, the customers can easily acquire the goods like jewelry, furniture, metal, electronics, cosmetics, oil, cement, machinery, fashion accessories, and various other product types shipped from Udyog Vihar to enumerable places around the country.

Book a transport service in Gurgaon with Trukky to let your daily transport needs go hassle-free. This organization is prepared to provide the clients in a better way when compared to some other available transporters in Gurgaon. Moreover, they also offer insurance assistance and real-time pricing along affordable transport services. Trukky assures to serve at lower fare in comparison to other transport companies.