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These days, transport service in Indore can easily be managed to book online through a transport company like Trukky. The company, unlike other available transporters in Indore, Trukky presents the customers with highly affordable service facility where you can get your goods insured to keep away from any fiscal losses in case of accident while in-transit.

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Today Information of Indore Transport Service

For online truck booking in Indore, we have more than 50 vehicles that are all set for service. Some of those are

  • 20 feet Closed Container / 6.5 TON
  • 32 feet Single axle / 7 Ton
  • 32 feet Multi axle / 14.5 Ton
  • 25 Ton / 14 Wheel

Today’s minimum truck rental for transportation of goods from Indore is near about Rs- 1034

The number of parcel home delivery requests that we received today for

  • Indore To Chennai  were  21
  • Indore To Mumbai  were  10
  • Indore To Bhubaneswar  were  24
  • Indore To Jabalpur  were  10
  • Indore To Gandhidham  were  10
  • Indore To Kanpur  were  22
  • Indore To Jamshedpur  were  11
  • Indore To Ludhiana  were  24
  • Indore To Mangalore  were  14
  • Indore To Patna  were  13
  • Indore To Kolkata  were  19
  • Indore To Faridabad  were  13
  • Indore To Chandigarh  were  15
  • Indore To Visakhapatnam  were  23
  • Indore To Lucknow  were  20
  • Indore To Jodhpur  were  18
  • Indore To Rajkot  were  14
  • Indore To Guwahati  were  12
  • Indore To Rajahmundry  were  17
  • Indore To Nagpur  were  23
  • Indore To Udaipur  were  21
  • Indore To Durgapur  were  10
  • Indore To Mangalore  were  10

The types of materials we have shipped today through goods carriers from Indore are Plastic table,noodle,Pothin,Bakery supply,Chloriguard,Germents,Road clean roller,edible. oil,Rubber goods,Mobinol oil,Fumed Silica,Indosize

Recently Booked Transports Trucks in Indore Transport Service

PickupDropTruck TypeDistanceDateMaterial TypeWeight
IndoreChennai21 Ton / 12 Wheel1485.0392021/09/28Books21
IndoreMumbai16 Ton / 10 Wheel583.6352021/09/28Pet Flakes16
IndoreBhubaneswarEICHER 19 FEET1276.022021/09/28PVC doors and ceiling panels7
IndoreJabalpurEICHER 19 FEET518.0492021/09/28laminates7
IndoreGandhidhamEICHER 17 FEET687.1972021/09/28Drii pipe and Rollers5
IndoreKanpurEICHER 19 FEET775.9272021/09/28Glass material,tougened glass sheets7
IndoreJamshedpur25 Ton / 14 Wheel1336.7972021/09/28Alloy Round25
IndoreLudhiana32 feet Multi axle / 14.5 Ton1214.5892021/09/28Car Accessory14.5
IndoreMangaloreEICHER 19 FEET1351.5262021/09/28Cable Trays7
IndorePatnaEICHER 17 FEET1212.7272021/09/28refrigeration spare parts5
IndoreKolkata32 feet Single axle / 7 Ton1613.7032021/09/28Trolley7
IndoreFaridabadEICHER 19 FEET901.7132021/09/28Panels7
IndoreChandigarhEICHER 19 FEET1150.8492021/09/28loose material7
IndoreVisakhapatnamEICHER 19 FEET1214.1742021/09/28Electrical7
IndoreLucknowEICHER 14 FEET863.532021/09/28Yarn3.5
IndoreJodhpur32 feet Single axle / 7 Ton630.842021/09/28Office Chair ( Executive )7
IndoreRajkot32 feet Multi axle / 14.5 Ton594.6462021/09/28Alumunium Pipes14.5
IndoreGuwahati16 Ton / 10 Wheel2238.6862021/09/28steel pins16
IndoreRajahmundryEICHER 17 FEET1288.6642021/09/28medicines5
IndoreNagpur16 Ton / 10 Wheel454.7362021/09/28Infra stutter16
IndoreUdaipur32 feet Single axle / 7 Ton387.7082021/09/28Box (Mix)7
IndoreDurgapur9 Ton / 6 Wheel1445.2142021/09/28Food Box9
IndoreMangaluru9 Ton / 6 Wheel1351.5262021/09/28Laminate sheets9

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About Indore

This beautiful city is said to be one of the wealthiest cities in the central India and also known as "Mini Mumbai" among native people of Indore, due to its lifestyle similarities with Mumbai. It also reflects Mumbai's potpourri of cultures, with notable Marwari, Marathi, North Indians and Sindhi populations. The potential industries for new MSMEs are Agro-based industries, Milk & milk products, Soya products, Chemical & allied products, Steel fabrication & Engineering, Domestic electrical appliances, Inverters & Stabilizers.

Indore is the official center and chief city of the district. Mhow is an essential cantonment town in Indore District. The city has three of the Indian Army's premier training institutes. The Border Security Force (BSF) has its Central School of Weapons and Tactics (CSWT) at Indore. Indore is the only city in India with both an Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

The major industrial areas in Indore are Pologround , Laxminagar , Rau, Bhagirathpura, Shivajinagar, Hatod, Sanwer Road Sector A, etc. Moreover, the cost generally charged for goods transportation from Indore starts at 950/-. The prices may vary in accordance with the type, weight, quantity of material and distance to be travelled. The areas nearby are Aagar, Alirajpur, Balaghat, Ashoknagar, Barwani, Anuppur, Bhopal, Burahnpur, Bhind, Chatrapur, Dindori, Damoh, Chindwara, Dewas, Gwalior, Jhabua, Jabalpur, etc.