Now, booking a transport service in Ahmedabad has turned easier with professionally serving transporter in Ahmedabad like Trukky. Get the best priced transport services in comparison to other transport companies in Ahmedabad as they offer put forward affordable bookings to send goods at any location around the country.

Ahmedabad Parcel Booking Online FAQ


What is the lowest charge necessary to be paid for parcel service in Ahmedabad?

The charges for express Parcel Service are around 951. These are mostly calculated on the basis of volumetric weight and distance traveled. We can serve you with best door to door package delivery together with tracking service for convenience and better experience.


Can you assist me with weight measurement of a parcel box?

The weight of parcel package will be measured on the basis of volumetric weight. Here, we provide door to door deliveries for all India parcel services. It is important to get the perfect weight as the price depends on, to get the best and cheap cost for the service, know the right weight of your parcel package.


Can i get served with door to door parcel service in Ahmedabad?

Trukky offers professional door to door delivery and allows to Book & Send Parcel Online in no time. Our experts are all set to serve you with express deliveries around the country. The customers can actually send parcel packages Online through Trukky with just a few clicks. The professionals we are working with are all set to serve you with express deliveries around the country.


In what way can Trukky be a comparison for other cheapest parcel services in Ahmedabad?

Trukky is considered as one of the most Popular service provider for express Parcel service providing companies that also assist with the facility to track parcel packages and assist to send parcels around the country. So, trukky is the best platform to get your packages delivered to correct parcel points within the given time frame.


Is tracking facility added to the parcel delivery service you offer?

Trukky provides express parcel deliveries and a facility to track particularly for the domestic parcel along door to door service.So, to send your parcels safely at the desired parcel point, it is always better to make it go with professionals. Now, with Trukky’s trusted services, you can even send bulk parcel packages through our express door to door delivery services.


Can i get reasonable parcel delivery services through Trukky?

Yes, we are capable of serving you with instant door to door service to send parcel and we also serve to pick and drop parcels from your desired place. At Trukky, you can get express home delivery for parcel packages at nominal rates. Our team of professionals assures the customers to offer fast and cheap drop of parcel on door.


Will Trukky assist for parcel packaging?

No, we do not provide any help to package the items to be delivered. The customers are requested to keep their parcel packages ready and packed tightly so that it gets safer to pick and drop parcel. The parcel delivery with Trukky are cheap and express door to door parcel deliveries to make the clients experience a better transport service with professionals.


Is a 960 parcel box allowed to be moved using door to door parcel service in Ahmedabad? ?

Yes, you can send 997 box through speed parcel service you as we carry parcel boxes with a maximum weight of 1 ton. So, you can easily manage intercity parcels.


Are there any extra charges for express parcel delivery in Ahmedabad?

No, we do not demand for any extra charges for speed parcel service or instant parcel service. The parcel delivery rates may vary in accordance with the weight and distance.


Do you offer transport service for same day delivery in Ahmedabad?

No, we do not serve with same day deliveries but you can opt for express parcel delivery or instant parcel delivery.


What are common goods which can be sent through parcel service?

The goods that be easily send in parcel boxes through our door to door parcel delivery service are books, clothes, electronics and other similar products.

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