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  • 6 Ways To Reduce Pollution With Green Transportation

    Transportation accounts for major impact on the environment. Out of total carbon dioxide emission, 75% of it is contributed by road transport vehicles, and this number is growing exponentially. Also, 95% of the road transportation consumes oil, which leads to around 60% consumption of the total oil in the world. All this puts the national […]

  • 8 Ways To Increase Your Truck Mileage And Save On Fuel Costs

    While fuel prices are hiking up at a rapid speed, looking for fuel-efficient alternatives have become imperative. Many people trade off their large vehicles with something that utilizes less fuel. But, you run a goods carrier company, you need trucks and trailers, so trading them with other vehicles is not an option here. Therefore, increasing […]

  • How GST Will Impact Logistics And Warehousing Sector

    The logistics industry in India has been greatly evolved over the past few years from being just first-party logistics provider to offering a complete logistics solution, including transportation, pool distribution, warehousing, package management, logistic optimization, and so on, integrated with advanced supply chain channels. Simultaneously, the government has also taken considerable initiatives to ensure a […]

  • Waterway Transportation Will Save India’s Rs 40,000 Crore – Sagarmala Project

    Ministry of Shipping has recently presented a report conducted under the Sagarmala Project, stating that India can save up to Rs 40,000 crore annually by 2025 by improving logistics flow at the ports. By improving the ports infrastructure and augmenting the transportation of key goods and commodities, India can seize the opportunity to grow exponentially […]

  • An Insight To India’s 35th Rank In World Bank’s Logistic Performance Index (LPI)

    In the Logistic Performance Index published by the World Bank, India has taken a significant leap from 54th position (in 2014) to 35th position in the 2016 report from the pool of 160 countries, while Germany again topping the list. LPI is a benchmarking tool, which is brought out every two years is based on […]

  • How Transportation Impacts Economic Growth of the Country

    Transportation facilitates efficient and cheaper movement of goods and people from one place to another. And, when it comes to the logistics industry, the scenario is not different. Logistics services lay a global impact, and can either be a boon or a bane to the economic development of the country. It creates a link between […]

  • How the Things in the Internet will Impact the Logistics Industry?

    Technology has been rapidly changing a myriad of industries including the logistic industry. However, what tremendous effects will the development of the Internet of Things can give to the said industry? If the IoT always appear in magazines or on Television news, they are usually available in wearable such as internet-connected televisions or health bands, […]

  • Rising Number of Technology driven Logistic and Transport Companies

    With the increasing number of internet and mobile users in India, dotcom companies are once again on rise. This technology driven e-commerce start-ups are rapidly growing into various sectors like education, fashion retail, food delivery, transport, logistics, etc. Logistics and transport are the most unorganized sectors in India. Because of the unorganized nature, the cost […]

  • Government plans 15 Multimodal Logistics Parks

    Following the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister, Mr Nitin Gadkari’s call for reducing the average logistics cost (out of the total cost) for all the industry sectors by introduction of ‘innovative models for transportation’, the government has proposed to set up multimodal Logistics Parks across the country. These parks will be a part of […]

  • Rains in India Warrant Special Cargo Precautions

    All of us would agree that the recent rains have brought a much needed relief from the scorching and everlasting summers and fears of draught in India. Many of us are looking forward to have unplanned leaves / vacations in these heavy rains, not to mention the cravings for hot tea and pakodas. With the […]