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  • How to Ensure The Safety of Your Cargo?

    Cargo is vulnerable to theft particularly during its transportation. The problem is persistent in many regions and has been on a rise since last few years. Every year, the companies have to bear huge losses due to cargo theft incidence even after making arrangements for Cargo safety and security. Thieves are always on a lookout to strike an in transit truck carrying valuable goods. Those cargo trucks usually get their attention when they park in nights in empty lots.

    The Stats

    According to the recent stats by Freight Watch, the number of such instances rose to 946 in 2012 and the top theft products were metal, electronics and food. The Cargo Theft Report by Freight Watch also tells that 90% thefts occurred while cargo was left unattended and 87% of those happened while it was parked in public places or roadsides.

    These statistics are of a great concern to all logistic and transport company worldwide who have to bear estimated losses of over $5 billion annually while transportation of their goods. California, Florida and Texas are the states that report the highest cargo theft cases every year in the US.

    Safety Measures

    Starting from the load pick-up till the delivery, freight is at risk. Here are some tips that shippers/logistic companies must consider to ensure cargo handling safety and its safe delivery at destination:

    1. Make sure not to reveal the cargo’s destination – Not to Anyone

    The first and the foremost thing to do to ensure safe cargo – stay tight-lipped about your cargo’s destination. The less you discuss with people about your drop off location, safer you will be. The value of secrecy can work a long way to ward off thieves or people who are keeping an eye on the cargo goods. Especially in case of express cargo services, thieves usually depend on internal employees of transport companies for the information as they get little time to make a move.

    2. Double check for locks and seals – they are super important!

    High tech locks will prevent cargo theft immediately. There is plethora of options available in the market, electronic locks being the most preferred ones. Traditionally the simple padlocks come with the cargo doors yet they ensure safe cargo transportation. You can also look for a satellite controlled pin for more enhanced security system.

    Mechanical seals can outwit thieves, thanks to their advanced security features. It has two variants – Barrier Seals and Indicative Seals. They all are laser engraved and ISO certified.

    3. Keep your stops to the minimum and eyes open

    Keep on moving and stay on guard. When you take fewer stops for breaks, the chances of theft decrease incredibly. If you can set a mileage minimum and take minimal stoppages then you reduce the chances of being followed from your pick up location till your next pit stop. Even better, if you can accompany another driver with you so that you can switch driving as opposed to frequent breaks. Safety of the cargo is of the utmost importance, anyhow.

    4. Always look for safe parking – Avoid dim lit, abandoned spaces

    Parking accounts for the major factor behind cargo thefts. Care must be taken prior to parking the truck. Check out for well lit parking spaces or those having surveillance cameras. Make sure the truck is securely locked and keys are not left in the vehicle. All these instructions, if followed properly will definitely ensure cargo safety and security. Companies like Trukky have tie ups with such parking areas, and also provide discounted parking rates.

    5. Technology is the ultimate savior – Use tracking devices

    Safe cargo tracking systems monitor the transportation of shipment till the end. It helps a great deal in avoiding an unfortunate situation. You can opt for a security company or cargo handling services that can install a small tracker in your shipment and that even helps in case the goods get separated from the truck.
    Geo-fencing is another state-of-art technology that alerts you if the cargo is moved from its pre-determined route. It makes a virtual fence around the load and the tracking device will monitor the complete route till delivery. In unfortunate situations or in case of any impacts on device, all authorities including police are alerted for cargo’s recovery.

    6. Avoid Red Zones – Be alert for the first 200 miles

    Red Zone is the distance of first 200 miles covered by a cargo from its starting point. It is usually within first four hours of the cargo transportation that maximum thefts happen. So care should be taken while making pit stops or if possible avoid stopping at red zones completely. This is one of the primary things to do if you want to be a safe cargo carrier.

    7. Be wary of your surroundings – Park tail-to-tail

    When you choose to park the cargo, keep your eyes open and park wisely. When you park tail-to-tail, it blocks the entry to the cargo and thieves cannot access it. Also, face building when you park to ensure no one can pry open its door. A bit of the alertness makes cargo safe.

    8. Be watchful of any suspicious activity – Stay Alert

    To know the mind of a thief, you need to think like a thief. Thieves take care of tiniest details and so should you. Many times, thieves will set the tracking alarm off before they pick a move on the cargo. They do it on purpose to make the authorities believe that there is a glitch in the system and then they strike. Make sure you are watchful at all times. Make sure the Cargo handling services personnel did a good job and the cargo’s safety and security isn’t compromised.

    9. Communicate with people back at your company

    Communication is the bridge to safe cargo tracking. The shipment driver should stay in constant touch with the company and keep them updated about the cargo movement. Many companies keep the drivers aware about the latest theft activities along with regular message alerts for valuable tips. The can come handy and avoid unpleasant situations. GPS tracking is one such tool that can support in this clear communication.

    10. Stay a step ahead of the thieves – Get training to know it all

    Thieves these days are smart. They know how to deceive the system by hijacking it or how to get past the invalid identification. The staff must be trained to stay alert and communicate as soon as they suspect a threat. On demand logistic companies like trukky are investing a lot into training and betterment of drivers.

  • Necessity of a Goods Transport System in Ahmedabad

    Yes, we have moved from the pre-industrial era to a completely developed era where technology has overruled almost all the sectors. Development has become a key factor to judge the economy of a city. No longer pigeons are a mode of communication or horses are a mode of transportation. A systematic way of transport that can beat the distance with time is the need of the hour and a goods transportation services is definitely something to look for.

    Transportation has become a vital key for survival.

    The industrialized civilization throws a lot of challenges and there is no other way than to find a solution to it. The ease of transportation is the hallmark of industrial civilization. There are several options of commuting. Be it the movement of human beings or goods, there are several options that can be considered. We, being social animals cannot eat, live and work from the same place. We are a part of the functioning economy and need to travel across the Globe for several reasons. And this requires better transportation services irrespective of it being a rural area or an urban one.

    Ahmedabad, being a vibrant city in terms of trade and culture, needs better logistic services that can be as quick as possible. Transportation is more often seen as a matter of convenience, rather than considered as a basic necessity. Imagine, the agricultural produce in the rural areas doesn’t reach to the urban cities.

    Imagine the milk that has been extracted fails to reach to the daily houses. The raw material that has to be timely dispatched is delayed as there aren’t proper modes of transportation. A good transportation services in Ahmedabad is what can turn around the table in business.

    Can an active city like Ahmedabad afford to lose business due to transport delays?

    According to William Catton, transportation is a social leveraging strategy called Scope Enlargement.

    If an economy has to flourish, the demand and supply has to be met. The surplus produce of one place has to be transported to the places of scarcity and this is possible only with a strong transport system. Though the major modes of transport includes roads, railways, water and airways, yet electrical and pipeline cannot be ignored.

    There was a time when bookings of the vehicles would take longer time and there would be delay in the entire process. Today, digitalization has overtaken the traditional market. All you need is a good product/service, a strong support system and an application that would allow the consumers to instantly get through the bookings. And, all this is possible through a robust online truck hiring services that makes sure your job is done on time.

    For example: If you are offering online transport services in Ahmedabad, the user needs to login to the website, choose the vehicle, make the payment and track the further proceedings. The process is very simple and all it needs is a single click.

    The online truck hiring services in Ahmedabad as well offers the best mode to transport raw materials and finished goods from one part of the city to another.

    Benefits of a better transport system:

    • Easy transfer of goods to various locations.
    • Saves time and money.
    • Helps in development of the economy.
    • Improves business efficiency.

    Thus, there is an urge in the society to improve the transport services. No longer people can go with “Chalta Hai attitude.” The rising change is the society is an expression of development. Either the Government or the private players can enter into this industry and take effective measures. The sooner the entry, the better are the results.

    Hope this article has been useful to you. Do let us know your take on the necessity of an effective Ahmedabad transport service or let us know your major concerns in terms of transportation.

  • Transportation Services Made Easy With Trukky

    It was not too long ago when bulls and horse carts, with the carts being generally made of wood, were being used for transporting heavy loads from one place to another. The industrial revolution marked as a turning point, with the introduction of big trucks, fully loaded with amazing capacity and load-bearing abilities, to the mass market.

    However, they were quite expensive and not used by a widespread audience. Times changed and with the introduction of many different types and brands of trucks sparked off an intensive competition that made them more accessible.

    Even still, when using transportation service in India for material shifts, it comes out to be very costly. There are high chances of your material may be damaged. Not only that, but there will be no time limit as to when the truck will come to pick up the material and by what time will they reach the desired destination.

    During time sensitive situations, it may cost more or the work may even get delayed by several minutes or, in some cases, even hours. And at the end of it all, the transport service or driver can refuse to accept responsibility of the monetary loss caused due to the delay or damage.

    Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem.

    Hiring a uniform transportation service in Delhi helps you in avoiding all these problems.

    Trukky offers a promising all India logistic services.

    How? Well, for starters, the pricing is comparatively less. On the website or application itself, by entering the basic information like the date and time of transport, the size of the transport required the weight of the object being transported and the destination can help you get estimation in costing, with the help of which you can plan in advance in terms of timings and costing.

    Using Trukky as the top transport service relieves you from mundane yet important tasks-

    • You can easily track the location of the truck with an estimated time of arrival based on the real-time location data available.
    • At the time of delivery, you will receive active notification along with confirmation of delivery and receipt of payment.
    • You can specifically mention if the object being transported is fragile and weather it needs special handling.
    • It also features a fleet of different means of transport, a wide variety for you to choose from, based on your transportation needs.
    • Drivers are specially trained for this purpose too, and are polite and helpful.

    Since the whole process is pre-meditated, you can get an expected delivery date in advance.

    Corporate entities and SME’s can avail these services with bulk transportation options and on time delivery.

    The best part about a systemized transportation service is that the number of trucks and other means of transportation are available in great number and are more reliable than a general transport service.

    Pickups and drops can be arranged with the click of a button, from either the online site or mobile phone application and within a minimal time frame.

    Unlike normal services, in a systemized transportation service the vehicles are subjected to strict and stringent methods of testing, making sure that it is fully functional and able for carrying heavy loads across long distances.

    Terrains are different for every region, which is why the drivers go through a series of training processes as well before they are allowed on the road. Digital confirmation for every aspect of the journey, from pick up till the drop is pre-confirmed long before the journey commences.

    Looking for such services yourself ?

    Well, Trukky is one such transportation service in Delhi that is one of its kind. With close to three decades of experience in the transportation field, Trukky has earned a name for itself as one of the premium online truck hiring services in Delhi. The user-friendly interface of Trukky makes it easy to use, be if for booking trucks or checking estimated time and cost.

    Its main aim is to provide affordable and reliable transportation services across the country. Not only that, but it actively makes use of the rapidly advancing technology in order to reach that aim.

    Trukky offer logistic services in Delhi and has already earning itself a reputation for being prompt and having lower costs.

    It makes a conscious effort to make sure that the trucks and other means of transport available are in a good shape and ready for every challenge.

    Trukky, the transportation services in Delhi is your one-stop solution for all your transportation problems.

    So, go to Trukky or download the Trukky app (Android and IOS) and get started!

  • How Trukky Will Help You To Improve Your Logistic Service Experience?

    Disruptive economy is the future of India and many other developing nations and with such cut throat competition and low differentiation distribution and availability is the key to success. In a nation like India where 14 % of the GDP is contributed by Logistics , of which Road transportation with the major chuck is the most oldest and the most inefficient one. With umpteen bottlenecks, it’s time to make sure transport and logistics services are not one of them for your business. is an exclusive online Transport hiring platform offering haggle-free and low cost road transport services across India. We enable you book transport service to cater your logistics needs whether it’s ferrying a full truck load or less than truck load for both in-bound and out bound on-time delivery.

    Using website or Trukky mobile application [Android, iPhone] is easy as a kid’s play. Simply feed your pick up point and destination, calculate the distance and the approximate cost make payment and breathe free. In case you are still restless, you can track the consignment using GPS enabled tracker.

    Your mobile phone shall receive all updates including delivery. We ensure that your goods reach safe, on time and in budget. is backed with over three decades of expertise in providing transport and logistics services all over India.

    Our age old ties with fleet owners/ logistics companies across various states in India ensure lowest rates for truck loads. All you need to do is give your finger tips a little trouble to click through the menu and feed in the pick-up time. As easy as it is.

    We can provide same date pick-up, even at short notice of 6 hours from the time of booking. Whether it is shifting of your home, movement of industrial goods or machinery or carrying raw material to a distant location, handles them all.

    Towards maintaining quality of services, the trucks used via Trukky are passed through stringent checks and maintained at regular intervals. We regularly conduct training sessions & activities for our drivers in order to promote collective development.

    Do not believe what we claim. Check out here to know what our customers have to say about our services.

    With the dearth of proper logistics service providers in India, Trukky looks forward to fill the lacuna for e-tailers, retail chains, and industries alike for the good sake of progress.

  • Make relocation of goods smoothly with Trukky

    At Trukky, we have always tried to make your shipments hassle free and pocket friendly. But in real, moving to the different place with goods is very traumatic tasks. Bit thrilling for those who are shifting their household items, but can be a bit frenetic. Every year thousands of people shift their goods and have to struggle a lot to get the goods moved from one location to another. It may be sticky position for those who has to do everything from packing to moving. That is why; we have come up with our Tempo Truck services to make your shifting easy and economical.

    We move your goods professionally in and around the business hub, Ahmedabad. We can easily handle household items, custom delivery, construction and e-commerce supplies. We’ll offer you the smooth relocation services. You can hire a tempo truck anytime and anywhere in Ahmedabad. We used to take intense care of your each and every goods loaded in it and load at your door step at stipulated time.

    Trukky has well trained drivers having good experience in handling such shipments from one place to another. You can rely on us for your any relocation related needs. While transferring the goods, the load is more susceptible to damage which no one wants to get it damaged; we ensure you that the goods will be moved without any damage. Till date, we have successfully shifted the goods hassle free in the city.

    One of the nagging question comes into the mind of any individual is whether it may cost high or not. Trukky has always been transparent while charging prices. We have fixed rates which depend upon the distance. Fares have to pay after moving your goods. We do not charge in advance. You can check it out our fare table as well. So place safe bets and do not lose anything in bargain.

    When you need perfect solution for shifting or moving anything in Ahmedabad, then you can count on to help you anytime.

  • Buying Trucking Services in an advanced way by Trukky

    What if you have sudden requirement to relocate your material on a particular destination and you can’t find a hauler for the same? You have something which require a little bit of care to move from one place to another. But you are not getting the haulers as and when require. And if you get the hauler, then there may be chances of brawling with him or a bit of insecurity to move the goods with care. There are many people who hale such goods or materials from one place to another. But it is a bit annoying to deal with them sometime due to fare charges, delay in delivery and so forth. Just imagine the amount of time you waste for such things. In such situation, one question comes into mind is that, can’t we have a perfect logistics suppliers to move the goods or materials on time without any trouble? In this modern and tech savvy era, the answer comes positively and with big Yes, that is, an online market place for your any kind of logistics services.

    Ahmedabad based last mile Logistics Company – a maiden logistics company in the business hub of Gujarat, recently launched by the technology rabid and logistics experts to strive hard to make the shipping requirements with an ease, availing the trucking services in the so called commercial and trade center of the vibrant state, Gujarat. is the only one logistic company in Ahmedabad providing reliable and friendly trucking services for your shipping requirements. You can hire a truck by either a simple finger move on website or just a call for your any kind of shipments. Depending upon your requirements, the logistic instigator in Ahmedabad has come up with on demand truck services to make your relocation of goods hassle free.

    Though there are many haulers in the classy city, you can have perfect route for your shipping requirements in advance at your convenient time through the online portal. You just need to book a truck through the portal to get it loaded and then haul away the load at your convenience. Likewise other haulers, there are no chances of brawling because the Trukky is very clear on the point of charging rates which are really transparent as well as have the well trained dedicated team of courteous drivers who can take care of your shipments very well. You also can get the status of your shipments via an e-mail and text message. You can have everything got moved in a simple and organized manner without wasting time.

    Whether having in need of transporting the goods via truck loads anywhere in the city, Trukky can answer you for any quest of logistics solutions any time.

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