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Today Information of Ranchi Truck Booking

For online truck booking in Ranchi, we have more than 50 vehicles that are all set for service. Some of those are

  • 32 feet Single axle / 7 Ton
  • 16 Ton / 10 Wheel
  • 32 feet Multi axle / 14.5 Ton
  • 21 Ton / 12 Wheel
  • 25 Ton / 14 Wheel
  • 40 feet trailer

Today’s minimum truck rental for transportation of goods from Ranchi is near about Rs- 1041

The number of parcel home delivery requests that we received today for

  • Ranchi To Bhubaneswar  were  16
  • Ranchi To Gurgaon  were  23
  • Ranchi To Raipur  were  20
  • Ranchi To Kolkata  were  18
  • Ranchi To Baroda  were  19
  • Ranchi To Hubli  were  16
  • Ranchi To Rajkot  were  18
  • Ranchi To Surat  were  25
  • Ranchi To Guwahati  were  22
  • Ranchi To Mysore  were  19

The types of materials we have shipped today through goods carriers from Ranchi are Cotton madeups,ELECTRICAL PARTS,distribution transformer,Milk can,Dry sea food,Box-2,Mahakosh mustard oil,Pepsi bottle

Recently Booked Transports Trucks in Ranchi

PickupDropTruck TypeDistanceDateMaterial TypeWeight
RanchiBhubaneswarEICHER 19 FEET488.9352021/05/14Tiles ( Box Packed)7
RanchiGurgaonEICHER 19 FEET1238.1712021/05/14Rolls7
RanchiRaipur20 feet Closed Container / 6.5 TON595.362021/05/14Machinery Parts ( Loose & Mix)6.5
RanchiKolkataEICHER 19 FEET425.5012021/05/14Ms wire7
RanchiVadodaraEICHER 19 FEET1564.5892021/05/14yarn7
RanchiHubliEICHER 19 FEET1845.2992021/05/14Wooden material ( Mix)7
RanchiRajkotEICHER 14 FEET1819.9712021/05/14refrigeration spare parts and tools3.5
RanchiSuratEICHER 17 FEET1670.3982021/05/14Steel Plates5
RanchiGuwahatiEICHER 19 FEET1098.7992021/05/14CNC machine7
RanchiMysuru16 Ton / 10 Wheel2115.1862021/05/14Scrap material16

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About Ranchi

Hence, the city's trading business has boomed and given a boost to its economy. This is also the precise reason why Ranchi has a very well developed whole sales market. Even the retail markets are quite well developed, and you can easily find all types of products and services and with a wide variety of choices.

People from across the state visit Ranchi for making bulk purchases. Hence, the city's trading business has boomed and given a boost to its economy. The major companies in Ranchi are Mecon, Coal India, BIT Mesra, Usha Martin etc.

The major industrial areas in Ranchi are Tupudana, Kokar, Getalsud, Namkum, Tatisilwai Phase-I, Tatisilwai Phase-II, etc. Moreover, the cost generally charged for goods transportation from Ranchi is 920. The prices may vary in accordance with the type, weight, quantity of material and distance to be travelled.