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  • Today, more than 40 vehicles such as 16 Ton / 10 Wheel,32 feet Single axle / 7 Ton,9 Ton / 6 Wheel,21 Ton / 12 Wheel,32 feet Multi axle / 14.5 Ton,EICHER 14 FEET,25 Ton / 14 Wheel,40 feet trailer,20 feet trailer are all set to serve for Bangalore To Delhi transportation of goods.
  • The minimum present day fare for transportation from Bangalore To Delhi is near about 994 rupees.
  • The estimated number of queries for transport we received today for Bangalore To Delhi -22
  • The time required to cover the distance of almost 2157 km .
  • The products and material types that we have transported from Bangalore To Delhi today are PVC pipes,Alumunium blocks,Scrap material,Books,Computers,SS pipes,Laminate sheets,Boxes ( Fragile),Auto parts,Fridge , double door ( 240 L),Box (2*2*2 Ft).
*Average of the lowest prices shown in Truky’s search results for shipping within 6hours

Bangalore To Delhi Transport Service Questions

What is the minimum weight limit for transportation from Bangalore To Delhi?

you have to send material that weighs minimum 50 kg to get the benefits of transportation services.

what are the charges for Bangalore To Delhi transport service?

The price of transportation service depends on type of load and distance covered. Here, things gets simpler for the clients as they get real-time pricing that is affordable.

How can I be sure that my material is safe?

Your goods are transported safe with Trukky as the company offers insurance support to cover the damage caused while the load is in-transit.

what is the difference between trukky and other available transport agencies?

Trukky is unique in the sense that it provides the clients with insured, timely and satisfactory transport services.

Do Trukky provide tracking for goods transport from Bangalore To Delhi?

yes, you can get the tracking support through our professional goods transportation service support.

Do you have option for truck type to choose from?

Yes, we have various options for truck types to pick from. the customers can quickly choose te vehicle that is suitable for material to be transported.

How can i get benefited using Trukky’s online truck booking?

You can get benefited with online truck booking at Trukky as the company offers real-time pricing that is extremely affordable. You can even make the payments online with hassle of keeping cash.

Are there any extra charges for cancellation of booking?

There are no extra charges for cancellation of booking if its managed 4 hours before the pick-up time.

Can i get assistance for both full truck load and part load services from Bangalore To Delhi?

Yes we offer full truck load as well as part truck load from Bangalore To Delhi.

When can i expect my goods to be delivered through Bangalore To Delhi transport service?

The service duration totally depends upon chosen truck type and distance to be covered.

Will my load be delivered on time from Bangalore To Delhi through Trukky’s transport services?

We serve the clients in a best possible manner so that they could receive satisfactory services by delivering their load on time at the right destination. The reason for which we can assure that you will definitely be tension free and your goods will be delivered on time is that we allow the clients to track the vehicle for keeping them updated with the exact location of their goods.

Do Trukky provides better and more manageable transport options than any other service provider?

Trukky is just perfect for the people who require a trusted nearby or local transporter for online truck booking. We put you forward with assistance to make your booking with just a few clicks through web or app from anywhere. This is one of the reasons why all our customers are happy to send their goods through our road transport service using an appropriate goods carrier. Moreover, we put forward a wide variety of transport vehicles on rent and you can even know the real-time rates instantly even before confirming your full load and part load transport booking.

Trukky offering any insurance assistance for Bangalore To Delhi goods transport?

The truck transport services we provide are termed to be extremely safe and secure for the customers as they can get all the load insured. This insurance assistance we offer is with an intention to keep away the customers from any kind of fiscal losses in case of some emergency situation or accident. Trukky assures the customers that they will receive the best daily transport services within their budget.

Which areas are considered main for pickup in Bangalore transport services/delhi truck booking online ?

The customers linked with Trukky can acquire affordable transport delivery managed by professional drivers. We are working in link with over 5000 trusted transporters and a variety of transport vehicles. the clients can now get done with their online truck booking in minutes through our web or app. The major pick up locations in Bangalore transport services/delhi truck booking online are [PICK_UP].etc

What all pickup locations are considered major for load pickup in Bangalore transport services/delhi truck booking online?

The major pick up locations in Bangalore transport services/delhi truck booking online are [NEARBY] etc. These pick up areas are majorly utilized for heavy goods transport services and for part load transportation services.

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